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Marketing vs. Engineering

12 March 2023


We make funny videos about startups.

“We put up new videos weekly. And fyi, we make branded content and custom videos for companies that “get it” too.”

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Sick of pivots, unicorns, hackathons, mission statements, and “it’s like Uber for…” pitches? Well then you’re gonna love Vooza. We make funny videos that call bullsh*t on the tech world.

Our episodes have been viewed millions of times and Mashable calls it “the Spinal Tap of startups” and Forbes said it’s “comedic genius.”

So if you need a break from all that startup kool aid, check us out. We put out new videos weekly. And fyi, we make branded content and custom videos for companies that “get it” too.


Maker vs. Manager

Programmer wants to get things done. Manager wants to have a meeting about it. Sound familiar???

20 March 2022


Mindfulness in Business

Learn how mindfulness in the workplace can make you more like a business samurai. The big question: How do you embrace meditation and still fire people effectively?

8 March 2019


Meal Replacement Drink

Cooking, chewing, and swallowing are a big waste of time. Every second your hands are on a knife and fork, they’re not on a keyboard. That’s why Sagar is obsessed with meal replacement drinks.

30 March 2018


Binge Viewing

Charles has been binge-watching the entire season of, well, just about everything. But is it time for him to get a life?

8 February 2018


Things Men Say To Women in the Tech World

“Hollywood and media companies are bad for women!” Tech world: “Hold my beer…” Watch these startup bros offer sexist advice to women on pitching, networking, how to dress at the office, and more. (Based on real-life reports of dumb/gross/lame things men have told women who work in tech.)

20 November 2017


Selling Your Data (Sponsored by Pholio)

If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product. In this episode, Vooza comes up with some wackadoo ideas on how to monetize photos uploaded by customers. Sponsor: Take back control of your personal photo and video collections with Pholio. Once connected, it collects all of your digital photos and videos together – wherever they […]

26 October 2017


Podcast Addict

When you listen to too many podcasts, you start to think every conversation needs, um, a little help.

8 March 2017


Just Like Picasso

Heard the famous story about Picasso drawing a portrait in the park? Well it’s greatly influenced Sarah’s approach to web design.

14 February 2017

Social media

Pending Invitation

Damn those relentless LinkedIn invites. Charles is sick of them but Steve insists that Charles accept his pending invitation. And then it becomes about Elon Musk and Bill Gates!?

11 January 2017

Hot Tweet

“Facebook is a great place to spew an unrelenting torrent of complaints and negativity!”-Everyone on my Facebook timeline”

Matt Ruby


Startup funny. Videos and jokes about tech. Weekly.


Nap Room

The startup world is waking up to the importance of sleep. But Vooza’s nap room becomes a problem when Tyler decides to use it in an unapproved way.

7 November 2016


Thought Leader

In this Dutch TV interview, Vooza’s CEO explains why he cultivates a life of failure, uses psychedelics, and considers himself a thought leader.

20 October 2016


The Perfect Engineer

Poor social skills. Loves Dr. Who. Carries a bag full of anime figurines. This guy may be the perfect coder. But does he REALLY have Asperger’s? Hmm.

28 September 2016

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