Selling Your Data (Sponsored by Pholio)

26 October 2017

If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product. In this episode, Vooza comes up with some wackadoo ideas on how to monetize photos uploaded by customers.

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Charles Gould
Steve O'Brien
Matt Ruby


We could charge pro users a fee for an advance-
>> What is wrong with you?
>> What, I’ve-
>> No one wants to pay money for our app.
If they were willing to pay money we’d have a real product.
All right, that’s why we need to be creative.
All right look, this is one of our users.
These are all the photos he’s uploaded.
There’s got to be some way to monetize this.
>> Well, he’s wearing glasses in a lot of his photos.
We could sell that information to advertisers.
>> Yes, now we’re talking.
I mean, Warby Parker would pay big money for this.
Although he seems more like a Sunglass Hut kind of guy.
But I like it.
All right, Steve, what do you got?
>> Okay, check this out.
Over here we got a picture of him bungee-jumping, right?
Then a couple over we got a picture of him eating ice cream.
Hm, seems like some pretty reckless behavior to me.
Maybe that’s something an insurance company would be interested in?
>> I like it, Blue Cross versus UnitedHealth.
Let the bidding war being.
>> Yeah, and look at this, he snapped a shot of a receipt from Lyft.
We could sell that to Uber.
>> Mm.
>> Ooh, I’m not sure Uber’s ethics policy would allow for that.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Like Uber has any ethics.
>> They’re bad people.
>> Those guys are evil.
How about this?
He’s got all these tattoos and piercings.
>> Yeah, death metal and tattoos, seems dangerous and unreliable,
maybe something that an employer would be interested in?
Okay look at this, look at this.
Nice picture of the family, right?
>> Mm-hm. >> You see how you scroll down a little bit,
all of a sudden just a picture of him with a young single woman.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Mm.
>> Maybe his wife would be interested in these photos.
>> This guy’s sick, he’s sick.
>> Wait a minute,
are you suggesting that we actually blackmail one of our own customers?
>> You know, we’re just, we’re throwing out ideas here.
I just thought we’d-
>> You know what, Steve?
You are a goddamn genius.
I mean, blackmail, that is some next level thinking.
That’s executive level thinking right there.
>> It just came to me.
I was like, why don’t we blackmail them, I don’t know.
>> That is brilliance.
>> Thank you, thank you.
>> Really, really, really good idea, man.
>> Thanks, guys.
Maybe that would be worth a raise?
>> No, I mean, we’re going to keep your salary entirely stock options, but
I will definitely note it in your next performance review.
>> Thank you.
>> Could I get stock options?
>> You can get snack options.

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