Just Like Picasso

14 February 2017

Heard the famous story about Picasso drawing a portrait in the park? Well it’s greatly influenced Sarah’s approach to web design.


>> Hey, what’s up.
>> Hey, how you doing?
>> Good, how was your weekend?
>> Good, how was yours?
>> Pretty good.
It was busy.
All right.
All right, I am done for the week.
>> But you just sat down.
>> Emily, let me tell you a story.
Do you know who Pablo Picasso is?
>> Yeah.
>> So one day, he was sitting in a park and
this woman approached him asking if he could draw a portrait of her.
So he agrees, he draws it, takes him like a few seconds,
hands it over to her.
And then she’s like, this is great.
How much is it?
He said, 5,000 and then she screams but it only took you a few minutes.
And then he replied, no, Madame, it took me my whole life.
So, you get it.
>> But all you did was change the submit button from yellow to red.
>> Exactly.
>> It took you three seconds.
>> No, it took me my whole life.
I’m kind of like the Picasso of submit buttons.
>> But.
>> Hm, how sad, you don’t understand art.
All right, I’ll see you next week.
>> I’m just going to change the submit button back in three seconds.
Wait, is that a bowl and a naked woman?

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