Mindfulness in Business

8 March 2019

Learn how mindfulness in the workplace can make you more like a business samurai. The big question: How do you embrace meditation and still fire people effectively?


>> Well, I started meditating recently.
>> I got a free 21 day online course that was being promoted by Deepak Chopra
and Oprah and Justin Bieber.
>> It’s called Manifesting True Success in Order to
>> Attain Maximum Profits and Love.
because then things like, say, a server crash or the fact that we
can’t pay rent, those become like leaves floating on a stream.
>> Om.
>> Samurai used to use meditation to become more effective killers.
>> And also, kamikaze pilots.
>> And those are some of my biggest business influences.
>> I’ve agreed to give my fortune to the Giving Pledge Program
when I eventually pass on.
>> That’s a program started by Bill Gates and William Buffett.
>> I don’t have a fortune as of now, but I’ve already pledged my eventual
fortune, and wow, I think the Buddha would be pretty impressed by that.
>> Think I got some karma points coming my way.
>> Though my hope is that the mindfulness culture I’m instilling here
will optimize work performance and provide genuine fulfillment and
happiness for my employees.
>> You want to keep it down, I’m trying to meditate in here.
>> One thing I’m working on is how I can embrace TM and
meditation and still fire people effectively.
>> Feel the job entering your body.
[SOUND] And then feel the job exiting your body.
[SOUND] As you exit through the elevator accompanied by security.
>> Because that’s one of the challenges.
>> How do you be mindful and also very cruel, but not feel bad about it?
>> Laura, Laura, Laura.
>> What. >> I just saw Matt fire somebody.
>> What? >> Yeah.
>> Who?
>> It looks like, he basically looks like me except without the muscle and
the skin and the hair.
>> You know who I’m talking about?
>> He’s always in that room.
>> He does all my work for me.
>> This is very bad that he’s been fired.
>> The skeleton?
>> Yeah, well, I mean, I don’t think he likes to be called that, but yeah.
>> That guy can drink.

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