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Content May Be King, But Branded Video Content Rules Marketing Tactics

“Within a few weeks of launching videos such as Radimparency, Vooza received hundreds of thousands of visitors, including links from media and startup industry bigwigs like Dennis Crowley, David Karp, Tim Ferriss and Steve Case. And brands have taken notice too. As the site took off, Ruby began selling branded content videos. MailChimp was one of the first brands to work with Vooza. And it has just grown from there: Vooza is now a full-fledged production company that makes custom videos for companies too.”

Comedy as a Startup

“Here is the startup world in all its sleek hubris and ridiculous jargon, its mosaic of turtlenecks and button-downs, its insistent self-congratulatory self-congratulation. Created by and featuring Matt Ruby alongside a cast of New York comics, Vooza was something of a head-scratcher when it debuted in June 2012 — two years, mind you, before Silicon Valley hit the airwaves. Neither Wired nor TechCrunch ruled out the possibility it was a legit company with a sense of humor, and it’s difficult to blame them; like Colbert Report-era Stephen Colbert, Vooza masquerades as the very thing it lampoons.”


Behind the Scenes of Vooza

“Today, we talk to startup legend and self-made millionaire, Matt Ruby, founder of Vooza — thought leader, disruptor, and the next Steve Jobs. Alright, alright, so none of that is true — but we DO talk to a guy named Matt Ruby who parodies the startup world through his video production company, Vooza. Not only are they hilarious, but they partner with some REAL startups to create hilarious videos too.”

6 secrets to startup success with Matt from Vooza

“Matthew sees his role as standing at the intersection of technology and the humanities. ‘People wonder how I’m so productive. And the key is: I spend 12 hours a day reading articles about productivity.'”

Ugtastic interview with Matt Ruby

“Matt Ruby transformed his experience with the tech culture into the hilarious Vooza show…We chat about where he came from before starting Vooza, how they came together, their creative process and how they stay in business using a new spin on an old model for advertising.”

Early Investing interview with Matt Ruby

“I interview Matt Ruby, the standup comedian and tech startup veteran behind Vooza, and we try to get to the bottom of all this. This episode might not make you rich, but it will make you laugh.”

More Press

“This is a must-watch for anyone who loves – or loves to hate – startup culture.”
The Next Web

“Viral video done right…an instant hit…comedic genius.”

“Being creative will get you much further in the media, in growing an audience and in creating buzz than any Facebook or Google ad campaign ever will. Create something worth sharing, whether it’s relatable, mind-blowing, or simply just clever. It’s nearly impossible to pay for the type of exposure Vooza has received, and it all stems from being unique and creative.”
Entrepreneur Magazine

“The Spinal Tap of startups, Vooza winningly spoofs a scene that often takes itself too seriously.”

“Does your startup lack radimparency? Well, lucky for you, here are seven more startup PR lessons we pulled from the Vooza story.”

“Unlike all the other tech companies trying their hand at humour, Vooza’s parodies on modern startup culture are accurate and entertaining.”

“A marvelous and humorous video shows the extremes to which the hardcore of Apple faithful express their feelings.”

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