Maker vs. Manager

20 March 2022

Programmer wants to get things done. Manager wants to have a meeting about it. Sound familiar???


>> There’s two kinds of people in the world.
>> People who do meetings and people who do work.
>> Oh, I love meetings.
>> I mean, my whole day is a series of meetings,
just meet meet meet meet meet.
>> I actually like to call them jam sessions.
>> Let’s have a jam sesh.
>> Let’s brainstorm.
>> I can’t program anything in an hour.
>> It takes me that long just to turn on all my monitors.
>> Yeah I got my calendar split up into one hour chunks.
>> I just fill them up as I go along, you know.
>> All right everyone.
>> Great meeting.
>> Loved it.
>> Loved it.
>> Great meeting.
>> See you back here in, like, ten minutes.
>> I need half a day, at least, to do anything.
>> Yeah, yeah, let’s do a meeting.
>> Let’s jam sesh it.
>> Yeah, what do you think, Wednesday?
>> I’m pretty much free all day.
>> Thursday?
>> All right.
>> I wind up coding from dinner until 3 AM every night
because that’s the only time I won’t be interrupted.
>> Work life balance,
super important to me because I spend a lot of time flying my drone.
>> So I do this thing where I put my camera on my drone, then I take a selfie,
but like I’m flying the drone out, and then the drone comes back in.
>> So it’s sort of like the zoom in selfies,
like in the movies where it starts out in outer space and then comes in.
>> I mean, it’s pretty cool.
>> I get a lot of likes on those.
[INAUDIBLE] Oh, yeah,
all right let’s start the meeting, you guys know how we like to start.
>> The big clap, lets go, come on clap it up.
>> Meeting time.
>> Meeting time.
>> I don’t really have an agenda.
>> I thought we’d just kind of go around the room.
>> Yeah, I take spec meetings.
>> I mean, let’s get in a room.
>> Let’s riff it out.
>> Let’s get to know each other.
>> Sometimes you don’t know, until you’re together in a room,
what the mojo’s going to be like.
>> I dream about having an entire day free to work.
>> No appointments, no meetings, no team building exercises.
>> Oh my god, that can’t ever happen in reality.
>> That would be heaven.
>> Oh, I actually have free time this afternoon.
>> Hey Sagar you want to have a jam sesh?
>> Jam sesh?
>> Can we Matt?
>> Can we have a, I’m going to strangle you with your own stapler.
>> Jam it out?
>> Hm.
>> Sagar?
>> Jam?
>> Just little jam?
>> Little jammy jam.
>> Come on babe, come on babe.

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