Marketing vs. Engineering

12 March 2023

There are a few launch issues at the new Vooza site, but the marketing and engineering departments have very different outlooks on them.


>> The new redesigned Vooza, is beautiful.
>> We did a complete overhaul on the back end, and
on the front end it’s this gorgeous yet minimalist makeover.
>> Oh, it’s riddled with technical failures and glitches.
>> Users think it’s a disaster.
>> As with any significant product change,
there’s varied reactions, particularly in the beginning.
>> Thousands of furious users, serious technical, it, it’s slow!
>> It ignores clicks, and when the user
hits Save, it deletes their whole hard drive.
>> We’re actively measuring user feedback,
so we can continuously make improvements.
>> Look at these emails.
>> I feel molested by Vooza.
>> Nobody in their right mind would remove that feature.
>> It’s as if Vooza kidnapped my family and threw ’em off a hot air balloon.
>> We deeply value how much our users care about Vooza.
>> And we recognize that this is a lot of change,
so we’re listening to all the feedback in the community.
>> I’ve never seen a launch go this badly.
>> We’ve had 9,000 bug reports.
>> It takes seven months to open up an attachment.
>> If I invite a friend to join it sends ’em a death threat.
>> And if I copy paste anything, it sends my
credit card information to all of the federal prisoners.
>> Our innovation and design process will continue
to be driven by our mission to delight users.
>> Fix it?
>> Fix it?
>> I don’t know how to fix it!
>> Sure, we’ve had a few complaints.
>> But, it’s actually in line with previous releases.
>> And we’ve heard from many users,
that they’re really enjoying the new experience.
>> They’re a lynch mob.
>> I’m, I’m getting death threats.
>> That’s my home!
>> That’s my address!
>> How?
>> I got, I gotta get out of here.
>> I’m leaving.
>> I’ve gotta protect my family!
>> Dude, can you just keep it down man?
>> You know this is my nap from 2 to 4 p.m.

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