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20 October 2016

In this Dutch TV interview, Vooza’s CEO explains why he cultivates a life of failure, uses psychedelics, and considers himself a thought leader.


Matt Ruby


>> studio it’s Matt Ruby.
>> absolute superstar from that moment in the startup scene.
>> Matt Ruby of Vooza, welcome to our show.
>> so great to have you here.
>> Let’s talk about Vooza a little bit.
>> For those that might not know what it is.
>> I can’t imagine, but-
>> Sure, it’s been in beta for about four years now.
>> But we’re planning on releasing it any day now probably, and
>> it combines big data, the Cloud, virtual reality, artificial intelligence.
>> What else?
>> Internet of Things, wearable tech, and-
>> Yeah, and this is all in one app, right?
>> All in one app, and brings it together in a way that’s really going to
>> change the way people live and breathe.
>> Okay, and now one thing about your wardrobe.
>> I heard something about your wardrobe.
>> Could you-
>> I just always dress like Steve Jobs.
>> Because I find that it’s a really good way to let people just know
>> instantly by my appearance that I am a thought leader and
>> that I have a lot in common with Steve Jobs, starting with how I dress.
>> And if I dress like Steve Jobs, I start to think like Steve Jobs, and I
>> like to think I stand at the intersection of technology and the humanities.
>> And so, that’s why I dress like someone who’s standing at that
>> intersection, trying to flag a cab of progress.
>> Trying to flag the cab of progress, yeah.
>> Exactly, yeah.
>> And do you have a life lesson for me and for the viewers?
>> Well, I think you’ve just got to keep iterating.
>> Everyday, you’ve gotta shed that skin of the past.
>> Take all of those past failures, and then compound them.
>> because, as we all know, failure is how you learn.
>> So you just got to keep failing over and over again.
>> And I think if you look-
>> Failing is the thing.
>> Failing is the key.
>> Failing is the key to success.
>> And I think if you look at how much we failed at Vooza,
>> you can see how smart we’ve have become.
>> because this constant failure, this life of failure that I’ve been living,
>> is just proof of what a success I am.
>> Right, we are calling the crazy ones at the next web,
>> this here, calling the crazy ones.
>> In what way are you crazy?
>> I mean, I’m actually literally crazy.
>> I’ve been in an insane asylum for a few years.
>> A long history of schizophrenia in my family.
>> But with a lot of help of electro shock treatment-
>> Yeah, medications.
>> Yeah, I’ve overcome a lot of it.
>> So, I think a lot of people,
>> they’re maybe posing as crazy and I think I’m coming-
>> People here as well?
>> Do you think people here are posing as crazy?
>> There’s a little bit of people who are posing as crazy and I think-
>> I’m crazy.
>> I’m crazy.
>> Yeah, exactly.
>> I think I bring a real authenticity to insanity.
>> Yeah, I think I’m coming from a place of genuine, authentic crazy and
>> I think people can sense that authenticity.
>> Right, could you describe that place?
>> because it’s also the place where your inspiration comes from, I guess.
>> Sure, I mean it’s a little bit manic.
>> It might be the result of using a lot of psychedelics when I was younger.
>> That may be related to it.
>> Only when you were younger, right?
>> Well, I mean also every morning.
>> But it’s something that helps me sort of get my juices flowing,
>> be more creative.
>> I start every-
>> You’re on drugs now?
>> Almost all the time, yeah, including now.
>> I mean, I start every morning by drinking Long Island Ayahuasca Tea,
>> which is a combination of Ayahuasca, magic mushrooms,
>> ketamine, MDMA, and a few other substances, too.
>> And that’s how I start my day.
>> And I take a whole glass of that.
>> I really let it soak in.
>> And then I head to the office or at least what I think is the office.
>> I’m not sure.
>> It could be
>> I could be sitting in traffic.
>> I could be at a cave.
>> Exactly, it doesn’t even matter at that point.
>> Because you know what, I’m in the office of my head.
>> And now I’m being creative.
>> Now I’m in flow.
>> Now I’m connected to the universe in a really sort of wonderful way.
>> And yeah, I think some people, yeah, maybe they think that’s crazy.
>> Sometimes sanity looks a little crazy.
>> Thank you so much for this interview.
>> Thank you.
>> I appreciate it.

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