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MATT RUBY is a successful standup comedian who’s been featured on MTV and NBC, the creator of Vooza (a video comic strip about the startup world), employee #1 at 37signals (now Basecamp), and co-author of the NY Times bestseller “Rework.”

In his compelling and hilarious talks, he combines comedy and tech in a way that gets audiences ROFL. Imagine Borat running a startup or Andy Kaufman as a VC and you start to get the idea. With his insightful satire, Ruby provides cutting commentary and a welcome respite from tech titans who take themselves too seriously.

Best of all, we’re cheaper than a Steve Jobs hologram.

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There are a few flavors of presentation we can do:

The startup CEO

An in-character “lessons learned from the startup world” talk that will get the whole room laughing. (15-45mins)

Lessons from standup comedy

How to use humor in the workplace and how comedy can help you build empathy with audiences during meetings, pitches, interviews, etc. (15-45mins)

Get creative

Behind the scenes look at creating branded content and how Vooza helps clients. (15-45mins)


A hybrid presentation that combines the above topics. (15-45mins)


MC/hosting duties to keep your event running smoothly. (Full day)

You can also invite other members of Vooza’s team to deliver a funny group presentation. Or throw out an idea and we’ll see if we can make it work. Contact us.

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Conference Keynote

Vooza's CEO gives an inspirational talk at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

Next Generation Marketing

Millenials? Been there. Generation Z? Done that. In this conference talk, Vooza's CEO explains how to reach ...


Yes, we get plenty of repeat business. And check out these testimonials from previous clients:

Matt Ruby was an adaptable, professional and entertaining host for our ClearMark Awards. He’s easy to work with and seems ready to tackle whatever idea or last-minute curveball you throw at him. We’ve heard fantastic feedback from attendees who called Matt the best emcee we’ve ever had and remarked at how well he kept the night’s momentum going. Highly recommended.
Meghan Codd Walker
Principal, Zuula Consulting
Matt addressed 250+ business executives at our Annual Conference in Denver. He provided a welcomed break of humor by lampooning tech entrepreneurs and start-ups. He then transitioned into a terrific presentation on how business leaders can use humor to their advantage with clients and employees. It was a great combination–providing laughs as well as valuable takeaways that can be utilized by executives and managers in any setting.
Art Flanagan
Vice President, Communications, CASRO
We loved having Matt as our emcee for 36|86! His background in both comedy and the startup world are the perfect ingredients for a tech conference host. We highly recommend Matt and hope to have him back at 36|86 in the future!
Courtney Corlew
Director of Communications, 36|86 Conference
Matt was our closing keynote for FI Live 2014, and what a great way to end the show. His comic look at the start-up world was hilarious and had the whole room in fits of laughter. A mixture of Matt’s stand up wit and very funny Vooza videos the talk was a hit. Comedy is hard at a conference especially a tech conference but Matt nailed it! I am looking forward to inviting Matt back for Future shows.”
Natasha Waldron
Our Annual Global Summit is a BIG deal for Criteo, so we needed a BIG act who could relate to our start-up company mentality, our techie background and could hold their own against our fearless audience. We were delighted that we signed up Matt who not only covered a wide spectrum of hot tech topics in a humorous way, but connected his experiences with those of the audience; he literally had them laughing in shared pain. Highly recommended to bring energy and humor to any event.”
Eleanor Murray
Matt was an excellent addition to our line-up. He manages to make people laugh and not with cheap jokes but smart insights into our digital lifestyle. He’s critical, but in a funny way and with respect and passion for his subject.”
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten



…or write us an email at