11 August 2016

Content May Be King, But Branded Video Content Rules Marketing Tactics "Within a few weeks of launching videos such as Radimparency, Vooza received hundreds of thousands of visitors, including links from media and startup industry bigwigs like Dennis Crowley, David Karp, Tim Ferriss and Steve Case. And brands have taken notice too. As the site took off, Ruby began selling branded content videos. MailChimp was one of the first brands to work with Vooza. And it has just grown from there: Vooza is now a full-fledged production company that makes custom videos for companies too."


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We’ll mention your company/product in a Vooza video (or ad) or make a custom video just for you and everyone will talk about how much you “get it.”
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We can speak at your tech conference, company event, or bar mitzvah. We’re cheaper than a Steve Jobs hologram.
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