One of the most shared tech startup videos ever! Vooza’s team discusses startups, design, pivots, learning from failure, and Radimparency. To come up with something truly original, you have to ignore common sense.

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>> To comes up with something truly
original, you have to ignore a common sense.
>> You have to start from scratch.
You gotta take that call and say, sorry, I can't talk right now.
Hang up on the past.
That's what we have done it for this app.
>> Vooza brings together group messaging, recommendations, and local
search in a way that's real time and customizable.
And then also, we steal data from your phone and sell it.
>> when it comes to design,
everything we do is simple, elegant, functional.
I look at a teapot, and I say how can our interface be more like steam?
Invisible, yet forceful.
>> Our process?
Agile, and we, we make sure our
app is filled with authenticity, and passion.
And we're constantly coming up with questions.
Like, what if, what if light buttons?
Can they be local?
>> What if you could leave user reviews on members of your family?
>> What if your photo filters had an API?
And what if that API Had it's own photo filter.
>> We believe in the power of iteration.
We originally started off as Stumble Monkey
which was like Airbnb, but for online dating.
So when you left town you could rent out your spouse or partner.
Great idea, but we found out it was illegal.
So then we had to pit it.
>> We change their name to that's with six R's and that app was like
Spotify, meets grinder but for rental cars but
run as if it were for a hotel.
>> And, then from there, we pivoted again and formed Flip Spot.
That was like Instapaper meets Kickstarter.
And a little bit like Quora, but without the questions.
And we took your credit card payments and made them animated GIFs.
>> Every startup can tell you learn from failure.
And if you look at how much we've failed,
that's where you can see how smart We've become.
>> We believe in radical, impactful transparency.
Something that we call radimparency.
And that's why we're gonna bring cameras into our office and
show you the process and our team as we build our app.
You are gonna get to see the best social, local, mobile
and real-time web app that's ever built-in from the ground up.
>> Watch out world because
the vooza volcano is
about to disrupt.
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