Live: How To Be A Griffin Startup

22 June 2019

Vooza’s CEO teaches The Next Web Europe conference why being a griffin is better than being a unicorn, how to 100X your startup, and reveals Gooroo, an app that is “like Uber but for meditation.”


>> I am a self-made millionaire and a serial entrepreneur.
>> Self-made millionaire, I actually inherited $3 billion from my father and
there’s $8 million left.
>> So technically I am a self-made millionaire.
>> [LAUGH]
>> And I am a serial entrepreneur.
>> Not a lot of people know about the other apps that
>> I developed before Vooza, but they were big successes also.
>> I did not actually develop Tinder, but I was inspired by Tinder to kind of
make an online dating app that was different.
>> I kind of saw this need out in the market, and so
we made an online dating app for drones.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Which of course was called Dromance.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Another app that I developed, inspired by the Dalai Lama,
we’ve read a lot about how meditation is important.
>> How many wonderful changes you can get in your life if you meditate.
>> But of course, if you’re like me, you’re too busy for that, right?
>> I mean, who has time to spend 20, 30 minutes a day meditating?
>> Which is the reason why I invented Guru, which is like Uber, but
for meditation.
>> So with a click of a button,
you can hire someone to do your meditating for you.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Yeah.
>> Thank you, thank you.
>> Basically you just push a button, then you can get the monk of your
choice, who will come and start meditating for you.
>> [LAUGH]
>> You could see how long it’s going to take him to get from too much
stress to enlightenment.
>> I want to start off by talking about the 10x rule.
>> Which basically is, if you want to be better than your competitor it’s not
good to be a little bit better.
>> You’ve gotta be ten times better than them to succeed.
>> Your typical startup is just doing it the normal way.
>> Maybe if you 10x it you’d become a unicorn.
>> But then I started asking, is there a next level?
>> Can you 10x the 10x?
>> A lot of people don’t think that way, that’s why I’m an innovator.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Thought leader.
>> So, what do you have out there?
>> You have your unicorns.
>> Ho-hum, there’s dozens of unicorns now.
>> Are you really that special if you’re a unicorn?
>> That’s why I’ve invented the next level of startup, which is a griffin.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Some companies, they’re paying college students to drop out.
>> Paying college students to drop out, come work for them.
>> Great idea, but I don’t want to be a me too startup.
>> How can I innovate here?
>> How can I 100X?
>> Well, I’ve been paying kids to drop out of nursery school.
>> [LAUGH]
>> That’s right.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Some people say ask the parents, I disrupt that model.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Walked right into the nursery school, grabbed that kid, and
now he’s a content creator.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Gotta keep that office fun, you gotta keep it lively.
>> You want your employees to enjoy hanging out there.
>> You want them to feel special, valuable.
>> Well, let’s look at what other startups are doing.
>> What do we see?
>> Dog-friendly offices.
>> Bring your dog into work, you know, why not, that’s fun.
>> All right, lots of people out there doing that.
>> What else do we see?
>> Well, companies like Apple, Facebook, they’re taking female employees and
they’re offering to freeze their eggs.
>> Now you don’t have to worry about having a kid right away.
>> Freeze your eggs, come back to that later.
>> Great office perk.
>> So again, how do we 100X this?
>> What is the 100X version?
>> Well, I’ll tell you what we started doing at Vooza,
we offered to freeze your dog’s eggs.
>> [LAUGH]
>> That’s right,
your dog does not have to worry about having a litter right now, thank you.
>> Thank you. [APPLAUSE]

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