Next Generation Marketing

14 October 2015

Millenials? Been there. Generation Z? Done that. In this conference talk, Vooza’s CEO explains how to reach the next generation with your marketing.


>> Now, how about marketing?
>> It’s very important to try to reach the next generation.
>> Almost everyone in this room is too old.
>> I don’t care about you.
>> You’re too old.
>> And then you look at what other companies,
they’re marketing to Millennials, their marketing to Generation Z.
>> Well, you could do that too, but you know what?
>> You’re just going to have a me-too product at that point.
>> The question that I like to ask.
>> How do I reach your fetus?
>> [LAUGH] >> All right, this is the next wave of marketing, all right?
>> What better than reaching out to people who don’t have
fully formed brains yet, all right?
>> In fact they can’t even breathe on their own.
>> This is a ripe market.
>> Talk about targeting non-consumers, all right?
>> So that’s why I market to fetus in utero.
>> And I have a whole diagram of how I do it.
>> Basically, what you want to think of is your marketing message as
the placenta.
>> And you’re using the Internet as the umbilical cord to shove your message
into their undeveloped brains so then they are born consumers.
>> That’s what you want.
>> And, also, I recommend you notice the placement of social media?
>> Social media down in the lower right corner.
>> You see where all your hashtags wind up.
>> It’s right there.
>> Just so you get an idea.
>> But, yes, I highly advise market to those fetuses.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you very much, guys.
>> I appreciate it.

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