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8 April 2015

You can live stream a webinar from home. But you better be sure the environment is, um, calm.


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Hi and
welcome to this Ustream webinar on Business Development Tips for Startups.
>> I’m here at Vooza’s HQ and I’m happy to be joined by our VP of biz dev,
>> Steve Skinner, who’s joining us from his home.
>> Welcome Steve.
>> Hey.Thanks thanks man.
>> It’s good to be here.
>> Let’s let’s start rolling right away.
>> First tip, it’s so important that you research the companies that you
potentially want to partner with.
>> Now, that means thinking about all the priorities.
>> Petey, honey, is that you?
>> Thinking about all the priorities that.
>> Hey, did you take out the trash?
>> Yes, mom, I did.
>> I’m in, I’m doing a webinar right, okay?
>> A what?
>> I’m doing a webinar.
>> Heaven star?
>> A webinar.
>> Some cult or something.
>> It’s not a cult.
>> Just, you, please be quiet, okay?
>> Sorry about that, guys.
>> Okay.
>> So business development?
>> Another great tip is to be thinking about biz dev targets.
>> Listen.
>> I got that cream for your rash, honey.
>> I, I don’t, I don’t have a rash.
>> So, I don’t.
>> What do you mean you don’t have a rash all of the sudden?
>> I don’t have a rash.
>> I, I, I don’t have a rash.
>> Last night it was as red as beet.
>> And now it’s gone?
>> Yeah well now it’s not, okay?
>> What it’s not there?
>> Pull your pants down I am coming over.
>> I want to [CROSSTALK].
>> There’s nothing to see ma.
>> There’s nothing to see ma.
>> There is nothing to. [SOUND].
>> All right.
>> Steve will be joining us again in a minute, hopefully.
>> Hey guys, so for my next tip,
>> I want to talk to you about priorities for an ideal partner.
[SOUND] In sizing, competitive analysis [SOUND].
>> Stevie, you in there?
>> Yes. I’m in here, Ma.
>> What are you doing in there?
>> I’m >> You’ve been in there for, like, an hour.
>> Ma! >> How long you going to be in there?
>> I’m in the bathroom.
>> I’m going to be in here as long as it takes.
>> I don’t like it.
>> What could you be doing in there for an hour?
>> What do you think I’m doing in here for an hour?
>> It’s not natural to be sitting on there with that.
>> You’re going to get hemorrhoids.
>> I’m not going to get hemorrhoids.
[SOUND] Okay anyways the other thing you want to be focusing on.
>> You put that water on.
>> That’s it.
>> I’m getting the key.
>> There is a key?
>> I am getting the key.
>> No, do not come in here.
>> Do not, do not come in here ma.
>> Okay.
>> Yeah we’ve got a, a slight glitch again.
>> Let’s we’ll work on that and get back to you.
>> Steve?
>> Okay so, for
my next tip I want to talk to you guys about selling on fear.
>> Nothing creates a fear.
>> Stevie?
>> Yes ma?
>> Stevie, honey you down here?
>> Yes, I’m down here ma.
>> Steven?
>> What ma?
>> What do you mean what?
>> Come on, dancing with the stars starts in four minutes, lets go.
>> I, I don’t watch dancing with the stars.
>> That’s yeah, yeah, I’ll be up in a bit ma.
>> Anyways.
>> Come on, I laid out your jammies for you.
>> I don’t wear jammies mom.
>> I got the new ones with the dinosaurs.
>> Wait, which, which dinosaur?
>> The one’s with the long neck, that guy.
>> Brachiosaurus?
>> So anyways for
my final tip, just know the difference between persistence and annoyance.
>> You can’t be annoying unless you’ve got something special to offer.
>> Like Brachiosaurus.
>> That’s it for me, thanks guys.
>> Mom I’m coming right up. Mom? I’m coming right up okay?
>> So can you, can you.
>> Steve. I want Rocky Road Ice cream.
>> Steve. But can you, can you spit out all the the marshmallows.
>> Steve.
>> Steve.
>> I don’t like the marshmallows. >> Done.
>> [LAUGH] You’re the best mom.
>> Okay.
>> See you guys.

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