Hire us to make funny video content

You’re a brand that wants to get noticed and you know video is a good way to do it and you’ve seen our Vooza stuff and think it’s funny/smart/good (thanks!) and now you want to learn more about having us make video content for you? Sweet! 

We’ve already made dozens of videos for companies and we’d love to add you to the mix. Feel free to just go ahead and send an email to start the conversation (we’re happy to hop on a call too). Or keep on reading for more details…


Who are we?
We’re a video production company that makes funny videos about startups starring and written by some of the top comedy talent in New York City. We’ve been doing it since 2012.

What problem do we solve?
We can make a funny video about your product/company that helps you get the word out and attract new customers in a fresh way.

Who hires us?
We often work with tech companies, but we’re happy to work with anyone who digs what we do. Our clients include Turkish Airlines, Mailchimp, Disqus, New Relic, Ustream, AppDynamics, VMWare, and many more.

How are our videos different?
We make fun videos that people want to watch and share while still getting your message across. And we take care of everything involved in the video’s production, from script to shoot to edit.

Plus, we get comedy and business (especially the tech/startup world) better than other video folks. And you know we can deliver the goods; We’ve made hundreds of videos that have gotten millions of views and generated lots of buzz.

What kind of videos do we make?
We can create either:

1) Vooza branded content episodes — a great way to reach our audience of tech folks and early adopters

2) Custom videos — fun, customized content tailored to your audience — we’ll use our same great team but gives us more freedom to make non-Vooza content (i.e. non-tech stuff, explainer videos, commercials, internal content, etc.)

We also give funny (or serious) presentations at live events (conferences, internal summits, etc.).

Branded Content

How will your product mention work?
Our branded content videos feel like a regular Vooza episode and show up in-flow with our other videos. We’ll mention your product in an organic, relevant way that leaves viewers feeling good vibes.

RuPaul once said this about this style of advertising: “The integrations allow us to advertise things in a way that’s sort of a soft sell. We do it in a way that’s clever, that doesn’t really offend the intelligence of the viewer. We have fun with it in a way that we know what we’re doing, they know what we’re doing — and we make it an adventure.” So yeah, like RuPaul said. (Never thought I’d write that!)

How many views will we deliver?
It depends. We do offer guaranteed views, but we also like to emphasize the quality of the content, the desirability of the audience, and the intimacy of the ads we deliver. Anyone can buy views, but not a lot of people can make funny, high-quality content for an audience that “gets it” the way we do.

Who watches Vooza?
Vooza has received millions of views and attracted tens of thousands of subscribers via email, Twitter, and Facebook. But it’s not just how many people are watching, it’s who is watching. These are early adopters, influencers, and people in the know. We’ve been mentioned by tech world bigwigs like Tim Ferriss, David Karp, Jason Fried, Steve Case, and plenty more. And we’ve been featured in TechCrunch, the New York Times, Forbes, Wired, the Financial Times, The Next Web, etc.

What’s our process? 
Here’s a case study. It’s a great place to start if you want to see the total process of making a video together.

Our approach is a collaborative one and we’re big on communication. We’ll start off with a phone call or some emails to discuss the best approach. We’ll brainstorm together and then our writers will come up with a treatment/script that you sign off on before we film anything.

You’re welcome to attend the shoot (we typically film in NYC) if you want. After the production, we’ll go back and forth on the edit to make sure it’s what you want. You’ll get to approve the final cut before we post anything. 

Basically, we’ll involve you each step of the way so there are no surprises. Read more about how we work with clients in this Contently article.

Custom Videos

What’s a custom video like?
A custom video is great if you like Vooza’s stuff but want a little more control over the content and/or don’t care about reaching our specific audience. You’ll still get access to our great crew of actors, writers, directors, and crew, but this path allows us to make something besides a Vooza video for you.

For example, Insightly had us produce funny tutorial videos that combined laughs with functional info on how their CRM can help small businesses. VMware’s HR department had us produce an internal video for employees that explained their company perks.

Reasons to go custom: You already have an audience so don’t need access to Vooza viewers, you want more control over the video, you need a deep dive on your product, you want a video for existing customers, or you need a specific location/cast/something else. Please note that you’ll be responsible for driving traffic to the video though. We’re happy to walk you through the options so just get in touch to learn more.


Are our clients happy?
Yes, we get plenty of repeat business. And check out these testimonials from previous clients:

“Vooza helped inject humor into our video marketing, which was completely on point and relevant to our tech audience. When we were first presented the script we instantly knew this would be a great addition to our content arsenal — it was hilarious! Couldn’t be happier with the final product either, a big hit both internally and externally.”
-Kevin Goldberg, AppDynamics

“When it comes to spreading your message, nothing compares to Vooza. Our Vooza video went viral and was tweeted by a lot of the press. We love Vooza.”
-Monica McDermott, Ustream

“We viewed the video and we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! You’re brilliant. It is the perfect balance of informative and humorous! A-mazing — so happy with it…running out of emphatic exclamatory statements to express our joy. Keep up the fantastic-delightfully disruptive work!”
-Victoria Sevilla, Senior Manager, Global Talent Development, VMware

“We loved seeing all the positive tweets about our REMOTE spot on Vooza. Tons of people on Twitter seemed to have as much fun watching it as we did making it! Basecamp is known for our strong opinions on both business and software. This Vooza sponsorship was a great opportunity to show everyone we’ve got a good sense of humor too.”
-Jamie Dihiansan, Basecamp

“Advertising on Vooza was great for Switch. Attaching our brand to the Vooza brand was a clear win for us and we also ended up with a TechCrunch article, a huge increase in traffic and a measurable increase in sales. This was clearly one of the better advertising decisions I have made.”
-Andrew Angus, Founder and CEO, Switch Video

“I gave Vooza some background on how ridiculous most naming firms are and they totally got it. The script they sent a few weeks later was hysterical. I approved the script and was even more blown away by what they shot, which was even funnier than the original script. Everyone who saw it LOL’d. The amazing thing is how they managed to work in Eat My Words without it sounding forced or cheesy. We have gotten so much praise and attention from the video — it was such a smart business investment for us. I am so glad we worked with Vooza. They are comic geniuses.”
-Alexandra Watkins, Eat My Words

“We agreed on a concept in days and had our company’s first video advertisement online not long after that. The startup world they target (relentlessly) is a perfect audience for us, and we have the increased web traffic and leads to prove it. It was also a big morale boost for our team, and we had a lot of fun channeling the Vooza team on our blog, celebrating our ‘disruption of the traditional video ad paradigm.’ We’ll definitely work with them again soon (assuming they don’t sell out and get acquired).”
–Amy Pritchard, Metaverse Mod Squad

“Vooza ads placed Tapstream brand in front of a very smart audience. The clever nature of Vooza spots carried over to our brand in a truly positive way — this became obvious when we met people who knew us solely from those ads and who would instantly relate to us how much they enjoyed Vooza.”
-Slaven Radic, Co-founder, Tapstream

“We’re big fans [of Vooza] and recently worked with them. The video was just superb and the buzz we got was overwhelming!”
-Zeena Bushnaq, BrandBucket

“Ustream had the chance to work with Vooza twice now and each time it has been a wonderful experience. The Vooza team did a great job of learning about our target audience and our product functionality so our video effectively showed off the value of Ustream. Matt was incredibly responsive whenever we had questions and did an fantastic job of navigating the line between funny and professional. In addition to Vooza promoting the video on their site we have been able to promote it ourselves and reuse the content in multiple ways to really get the maximum value out of the asset. In the world of content marketing where we have to fight to capture people’s attention Vooza delivers solid, top of funnel marketing material.”
-David Hewlett, Senior Manager of E-Commerce, Ustream

Next Steps

How do we start?
Send an email and we’ll get rolling.