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Your company or product needs some buzz. And you know video is a great way to get attention. But you realize that a boring explainer clip filled with “this is how great we are” puffery won’t get anyone talking. You need to make something that draws people in and gets their attention. Something fresh. Something funny. Smart funny. Enter Vooza. We can make you a funny video that gets people on your side. Here’s how it works:

1. We work with you to come up with a funny angle. You get script approval.
2. We shoot and edit the video.
3. We show it to our tech-friendly audience (people who design, code, work at startups, use apps, live on social media, etc.) that loves Vooza.
4. You can share the video wherever else you like. Put it on your homepage, in a blog post, on Facebook, etc. We’ll also mention you to our subscribers.
5. Worth noting: We like working with smaller companies and we have packages that include guaranteed views.

Contact us to discuss pricing, details, etc. Or read on to learn more…

Example Ads

Native video advertising

So what do we mean by native video advertising?

Explanation for normal human beings: Advertisers get to use use our characters and writers to promote their product to our audience of startup folks.

For people who read tech blogs and press releases: Vooza is a video content platform targeted at the startup world that integrates native video advertising into the experience. [gargles mouthwash]

The key here is that Vooza spots aren’t your typical video ads that interrupt a show to pimp an unrelated product. Our ads feel like part of the show, use our cast and crew, and show up in-flow with our regular episodes. And the products advertised are perfectly suited for our audience. Some examples: An ad for Metaverse Mod Squadan ad for Eat My Words, and here’s another one we did for MailChimp.

Call it branded content or sponsored product placement or whatever ya like. To us, it feels like a throwback to the old school TV advertising model when the stars of a show would do the ads, like Johnny and Ed schilling for Alpo. The bottom line is your brand gets to absorb the creative voice of Vooza, you get content that is genuinely fun, and you engage with potential customers in a way they truly love.They like it

To learn more about Vooza’s native plans, check out this TechCrunch article: Spoof ‘Startup’ Vooza Gets Serious About What It’s Really Up To — A New Kind Of Web Advertising.

5 Reasons to Advertise on Vooza

The right crowd

Reach an incredibly targeted audience of entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, early adopters, and other folks in the startup world.

We make your ad in our trusted voice

We get funny and we get tech. Let us help you carve out a fresh message using our talented team.

Our audience pays attention

Be in the mix as our audience talks about the show on social media.

More than just a sidebar

Native ad placement means your ad shows up inline with other Vooza video content. Like this:


Twitter/Facebook/Email too

You’ll also get mentioned to the thousands of people who follow Vooza on Twitter, Facebook, and via our email newsletter.

Ad options 


Your Video

Already have a video? We can show it at our site to our viewers. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to get in bed with Vooza.

Standard Ad

Simple ad that runs as a post-roll video following a regular Vooza episode. It’ll be funny and in the voice of Vooza. You’ll get guaranteed views. Here are some of the standard ads we’ve made: Metaverse Mod SquadEat My Words ContestTapstream, Switch Video, and BrandBucket.

Branded Content

A real episode of Vooza featuring our cast that includes a subtle mention of your product. (The key with these is that the funny needs to lead the way – if you want a hard sell, this isn’t the best route.) The video stays up at our site permanently along with all our other episodes. Here are product placement episodes we did for Name.comMailChimp, and Eat My Words.

Cameo Appearance

Have someone from your company featured in a Vooza video.

Custom Video

We make a fun (non-Vooza) video about your product. Or we can create a series that incorporates your brand. We’ll still use Vooza’s team of writers/directors/editors so you get the same funny vibe. This approach lets us do more of a deep dive on your product.

Contact us for details on pricing. We’re happy to discuss via phone or email.


We make it simple

Working with Vooza is a quick and painless process: We hop on a call (or email) and decide the best ad package for you. Then you pay via a simple signup form. (It takes less than a minute to fill out and you’ll pay with a credit card.) We communicate each step of the way and make sure the script is on point and final product comes out the way you want it. Also, we can use existing assets that you already have (video, logo, photos, screenshots, etc.). Then we’ll release it and give you regular reports on how your video is doing.

The right audience

The eyes of the tech world upon you

Vooza has received hundreds of thousands of views and attracted tens of thousands of subscribers via email, Twitter, and Facebook. See the love for Vooza on Twitter at our Wall of Fame.

But it’s not just how many people are watching, it’s who is watching. These are early adopters, influencers, and people in the know. Some of the tech world bigwigs who have mentioned Vooza online:

Tech bigwigs mentioning Vooza.

Press raves

Vooza has also received press coverage from the New York Times, Wired, Financial Times,, Hacker News, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, PandoDaily, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, BetaBeat, and Laughing Squid. Some sponsors have even been included in the Vooza buzz. Tapstream got a nice mention in this article in Wired about Vooza. Switch Video received a great plug at this TechCrunch post on Vooza. Sponsor Vooza and you may be in the conversation too.

“The most hilarious tech startup spoof EVER” -Huffington Post
“Probably the best startup video yet” -PandoDaily
“Unique and creative” -Entrepreneur
“A must-watch” -The Next Web
“Really funny” -BetaBeat

Press talking about Vooza.

Real Results: “Advertising on Vooza was great”


Some of the brands that have already sponsored Vooza:

Advertiser logos.


“Vooza helped inject humor into our video marketing, which was completely on point and relevant to our tech audience. When we were first presented the script we instantly knew this would be a great addition to our content arsenal — it was hilarious! Couldn’t be happier with the final product either, a big hit both internally and externally.”
-Kevin Goldberg, AppDynamics

“When it comes to spreading your message, nothing compares to Vooza. Our Vooza video went viral and was tweeted by a lot of the press. We love Vooza.”
-Monica McDermott, Ustream

“We viewed the video and we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! You’re brilliant. It is the perfect balance of informative and humorous! A-mazing – so happy with it…running out of emphatic exclamatory statements to express our joy. Keep up the fantastic-delightfully disruptive work!”
-Victoria Sevilla, Senior Manager, Global Talent Development, VMware

“We loved seeing all the positive tweets about our REMOTE spot on Vooza. Tons of people on Twitter seemed to have as much fun watching it as we did making it! Basecamp is known for our strong opinions on both business and software. This Vooza sponsorship was a great opportunity to show everyone we’ve got a good sense of humor too.”
-Jamie Dihiansan, Basecamp

“Advertising on Vooza was great for Switch. Attaching our brand to the Vooza brand was a clear win for us and we also ended up with a TechCrunch article, a huge increase in traffic and a measurable increase in sales. This was clearly one of the better advertising decisions I have made.”
-Andrew Angus, Founder and CEO, Switch Video

“I gave Vooza some background on how ridiculous most naming firms are and they totally got it. The script they sent a few weeks later was hysterical. I approved the script and was even more blown away by what they shot, which was even funnier than the original script. Everyone who saw it LOL’d. The amazing thing is how they managed to work in Eat My Words without it sounding forced or cheesy. We have gotten so much praise and attention from the video – it was such a smart business investment for us. I am so glad we worked with Vooza. They are comic geniuses.”
-Alexandra Watkins, Eat My Words

“We agreed on a concept in days and had our company’s first video advertisement online not long after that. The startup world they target (relentlessly) is a perfect audience for us, and we have the increased web traffic and leads to prove it. It was also a big morale boost for our team, and we had a lot of fun channeling the Vooza team on our blog, celebrating our ‘disruption of the traditional video ad paradigm.’ We’ll definitely work with them again soon (assuming they don’t sell out and get acquired).”
–Amy Pritchard, Metaverse Mod Squad

“Vooza ads placed Tapstream brand in front of a very smart audience. The clever nature of Vooza spots carried over to our brand in a truly positive way – this became obvious when we met people who knew us solely from those ads and who would instantly relate to us how much they enjoyed Vooza.”
-Slaven Radic, Co-founder, Tapstream

“We’re big fans [of Vooza] and recently worked with them. The video was just superb and the buzz we got was overwhelming!”
-Zeena Bushnaq, BrandBucket

“Ustream had the chance to work with Vooza twice now and each time it has been a wonderful experience. The Vooza team did a great job of learning about our target audience and our product functionality so our video effectively showed off the value of Ustream. Matt was incredibly responsive whenever we had questions and did an fantastic job of navigating the line between funny and professional. In addition to Vooza promoting the video on their site we have been able to promote it ourselves and reuse the content in multiple ways to really get the maximum value out of the asset. In the world of content marketing where we have to fight to capture people’s attention Vooza delivers solid, top of funnel marketing material.”
-David Hewlett, Senior Manager of E-Commerce, Ustream

Get in the conversation

Our audience is made up of sneezers/sharers/mavens on social media and they talk about our advertisers. Here are some examples…

Brandbucket tweet.

Mailchimp tweets.


“I still think in-show sponsorship is one of the best models for online video. With the right hosts, the right brands and the right audiences, the results can be spectacular.”
-Jim Louderback, Advertising Age

“There Are 3 choices For Brands and Businesses:
1) Create your own content and hope it goes viral (good luck).
2) Create ads and force them… with pre-rolls.
3) Work your product, brand, and story into videos that are already being seen, through creators that have already established credibility and create good content.”
Source: A Viral Video Genius’ Process for Creative Video Marketing Ideas

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