Tech Conference Bingo

22 October 2014

The only way the crew gets through a boring tech conference talk is with a game of Bingo. (Sponsored by New Relic. Gain actionable, real-time business insights from the billions of metrics your software is producing with New Relic. Advertise on Vooza.)


[APPLAUSE] You’re totally right.
>> WiFi is super slow.
>> WiFi complaint, I’m on the board.
>> Damn it.
>> Google glasses.
>> Somebody has to have Google glasses.
>> The Cloud. He just mentioned the Cloud.
>> And wait for it, wait for it.
>> Potato.
[LAUGH] Always follows the clap.
>> That’s two.
>> Jeff Bezos.
>> Damn it.
>> Speaker that brags about going to Stanford.
>> Yes.
>> Palo Alto in the house.
>> Open bar at welcome reception.
>> Getting there.
>> I’m getting there.
>> Washed up 90’s band playing at the closing gala.
[APPLAUSE] Thank you, Smashmouth.
>> I’m so close.
>> I just need a person wearing crocs.
>> All I need is a person wearing sandals.
>> Come on crocs.
>> Come on sandals.
>> Come on sandals. >> Come on sandals.
>> Where are you crocs?
>> Come on crocs.
>> [CROSSTALK] sandals.
>> Bingo!
>> Oh, come on.
>> I told you I would win.
>> Why are you wearing those?
>> What did I win?
>> You won a free pass to the hackathon on Saturday.
>> Seriously?
>> That’s the prize?
>> We are compatible with every application.

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