Startup Class [Sponsored]

22 July 2015

First Class and Business Class are fine. But what if an airline offered Startup Class!? (This episode sponsored by Turkish Airlines, now flying direct from San Francisco to Istanbul. (Learn more about advertising on Vooza.)


>> Now boarding all passengers for
>> Turkish Airlines flight number 80 from Istanbul to San Francisco.
>> Hey, we got WiFi on this flight?
>> Yeah, yeah, it’s great.
>> Great. >> Yeah, I actually just found out my app
got a new round of funding.
>> Hey congratulations!
>> Thank you very much.
>> I got an app too.
>> Oh, congratulations to you.
>> Yeah, it’s pretty exciting stuff, huh?
>> Yeah, yeah.
>> A lot of people, they’re inspired by Ghandi, Martin Luther King, but for
me, I’m inspired by the companies at Silicon Valley.
>> Yeah, it’s really motivating.
>> I mean, the question I’m constantly asking myself is,
am I at the intersection of my passion and my potential for
world-changing thought leadership?
>> Yeah, yeah, it’s that combination of technology and
community that makes Silicon Valley the epicenter of economic disruption.
>> It’s interesting you say that, because my TED Talk is all about how
immersive experiences can truly help humanity thrive.
>> Hm, it’s funny, at my TED Talk,
>> I talked about how I think that profit is overrated.
>> Making money, it seems so 20th century now, doesn’t it?
>> Yeah, yeah, who needs it?
>> Really what we need to be doing, is dedicating ourselves to
consciously moving in the direction of our dreams.
>> That is what I love about the tech world.
>> We are the dreamers.
>> Yeah, we’re the ones organizing the world’s information.
>> Yeah, we’re the ones curing cancer.
>> We’re the ones building rocket ships.
>> We’re the ones making a difference.
>> Amen, amen.
>> Amen, brother.
>> So, what’s your app do?
>> Oh, okay, it’s like Instagram, but for cat photos.
>> Great idea!
>> Thank you.
>> How about you?
>> What’s your app? >> Oh, it’s like Tinder, but for drones.
>> Oh, cool.
>> What’s it called?
>> Dromance.
>> Dromance, that’s great.
>> Yeah, I’ve heard the drone dating scene’s a real hot market right now.
>> It is quite hot.
>> We’re seeing hockey stick growth.
>> Really?
>> Yep.
>> So is it drone-on-drone dating or could a human date a drone?
>> The human-drone site is still in beta,
but I could get you an invite if you want.
>> That would be excellent, yeah, I would like that very much.
>> Have you ever dated a drone before?
>> I’ve dated some very boring women in the past, but
never an actual drone.
>> Hm. [MUSIC]

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