Native Advertising

18 June 2013

Native advertising is all the [Snickers] rage these days. But just what does that [Pepsi] mean exactly? Vooza shows you how it [Taco Bell] works in this video. (Click here to learn more about advertising on Vooza.)



>> Native video advertising is all the rage, and now
>> you can do native video advertising right here on Vooza.
>> Native advertising is when you trick the audience.
>> Native advertising is when you convince the audience into thinking that
>> your ad is not an ad, but it’s just a regular video.
>> So they’ll watch it thinking it’s just a video and then they’ll enjoy it.
>> And it’s a great way to get your company or product in front of our
>> audience of entrepreneurs and designers and programmers and
>> a lot of folks who really love technology.
>> And uh.
>> [SOUND].
>> Oh, you’re just getting, you’re just
>> getting spit on me is what you’re doing.
>> And the feathers is still.
>> [SOUND].
>> See this is not what native advertising is.
>> In fact I think what you’re doing is very offensive.
>> Right now.
>> Oh, no.
>> I actually, I just came from a Dances with Wolves costume party.
>> That’s, it’s a not.
>> I know.
>> I mean I’m gonna still taking the offensive.
>> Okay, weird coincidence.
>> That is a weird coincidence.
>> Yeah.
>> Um, but, check it out.
>> Native ads, but not like this.

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