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Anxious Business Lady Covered in Post-It Notes!? If you learned how to do business from stock photos, this is what it would look like. 



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Charles, what are you doing?
>> Smiling while talking into headset.
Pretty businessy, right?
[LAUGH] >> You look exactly like the woman in that photo.
>> I know, impressive, right?
I took all these business school classes, and there is too much reading.
I'm more of a visual learner, anyway.
So I started studying all these stock photo websites so
I could be a success in business,
because if you look professional, then you are professional.
Check this one out.
Guy smiles on cellphone while getting stock tip.
I've got a million of them.
Smiling, successful business man jumping in the air.
[NOISE] Pointing at something on computer.
[NOISE] Young people having international meeting.
[NOISE] Multiracial handshake.
[NOISE] Anxious business lady, covered in post it notes.
[NOISE] Inspirational message on white board.
[NOISE] Man kissing his computer.
[NOISE] Lying on the floor, smiling with scattered papers, cup,
scissors and pen.
[NOISE] Two thumbs-up, smiling at the laptop.
[NOISE] >> Dude, these photos are so boring and staged.
You know you can go to, and see real life, authentic
stock photos that are a lot less cheesy than the ones you're looking at.
>> Tyler, [LAUGH] I don't think you know the first thing about business.
>> Whatever you say, buddy.
>> Well, it just so happens that I have a very important meeting
with a huge client, and you know how I'm going to impress them?
>> Nope.
>> By holding a briefcase and an open umbrella.

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