NDA [Sponsored by Name.com]

Worried someone’s going to steal your big idea? Then NDA ’em. (This episode is sponsored by Name.com, home of domain names, web hosting and super easy websites. Learn more about advertising on Vooza.)

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Okay, I think this is our guy.
There he is.
>> Jared, right?
>> Yes, Deeve.
>> Yep.
>> Yeah, nice to meet you.
>> Nice to uh.
>> Now before we do any handshaking we
need you to sign a non disclosure agreement.
>> NDA.
See we have a very unique handshake here at Vooza and.
Others were to find out about it an bring it
to market first it could really steal the advantage from us.
>> Standard stuff.
>> Okay.
>> All right, great, so here's how we shake hands at Voosa.
[LAUGH] That's cute.
No, uh.
Wrap your hand around my palm there.
Mm, yeah that feels good right?
And then up and down and And up and down, swish it all around.
Then up and down.
>> And here comes the big boy.
>> Oh.
Like a glove.
And that's it.
Nice to meet you, Jared.
>> Yeah, nice to meet you.
[SOUND] So it there a, a place I can put my coat?
>> There is.
There is.
>> Absolutely.
>> It's a very confidential place though, so we do need you to.
>> It's another NDA for codes.
For codes.
>> Yeah.
>> All right.
>> Standard stuff.
>> I'll take that for you.
>> Yeah, great.
>> Okay, so now that's all taken care of.
Why don't we head back to the office.
We can get started.
>> Actually guys, I really have to use the bathroom
if you could just point me in the right direction.
>> NDA.
>> Assuming you're going number one.
Number two is a couple extra.
>> Uh, Jerry can we get you anything to drink?
>> Uh, that would be fantastic.
What do you have?
>> We have a lot of unique sodas.
We'd love to tell you all about them
but first, gonna need you to sign something.
>> An NDA.
>> Nope.
Non-compete agreement.
>> Yeah.
It's a NCA.
Basically states that you won't have any other beverages
for the next six years after leaving this office.
>> That doesn't seem enforceable.
>> [LAUGH] Our lawyers would beg to differ.
>> So I'd love to show you guys our site.
Um uh what uh, what's the wifi password?
>> Oh it's an NDA.
>> NDA, [SOUND].
So, yeah, tell us a little bit about the company.
>> Yes, name.com.
Uh, what we do, domains, website hosting.
Uh, simple websites.
We've got this one click set up for WordPress called RapidPress.
People love that.
Of course our customer support, that's legendary.
I think I know how you're going to
reply to this but what exactly does Vooza make?
>> We manufacture NDAs.
I'm just kidding.
But if you want an answer to that question.
Two pens.
>> We have to protect ourselves.
Um, you understand?
>> Uh, it's just business.
>> Yeah, guys I tell you, it's been fantastic.
I've gotta get going.
Is there a good way to get to the subway?
>> Oh yeah, it's uh, it's easy.
Actually I'll uh, I can draw a map for you.
Yeah, just uh, there's the N train, that's
right around the corner, like a block down.
>> Okay.
>> Or uh, you know what, if you wanna take
a more scenic route, you can go by the park,
then you can take actually the D train, or there's
also the A train, that goes to the same place.
Yeah, that's down the stairs, and so.
>> All right, well.
>> Good luck.
>> It was great meeting you man.
>> Yeah.
>> And no, okay, all right.
>> All right, all right.
[CROSSTALK] Feels good huh?
>> No, okay.
>> Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
>> Good news.
>> Oh very good my friend.
You almost got away.
>> Without taking our business card.
There you go, buddy.
>> Two-for-one, thank you.
>> That was my dentist.
>> Yeah, great.
Letter pressed.
>> Wow.
I'm gonna take the stairs, so.
>> The green, I like that, yeah.
>> Keep it fit.
Keep it tight, boy, keep it tight.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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