Get A Funny Video [Sponsored]

Tech companies are boring. We are funny. So let us mix some of our funny with a plug for your company and then you can get the word out in a cool way that shows you GET IT. Contact us or learn more.

Does your company need a funny video?
Well, you are in luck because we make videos that are funny for
companies like you guys.
I mean, we worked with companies like Turkish airlines.
>> We made the Ghostbusters movie.
>> [LAUGH]
Mail Chimp, we did a video for them.
>> Lemonade, Beyonce's Lemonade?
>> Didn't do that.
UStream, New Relic.
>> The whole five seasons of Girls.
>> We didn't do those things, we did these things.
If you want to hire us to do something for you-
>> Louis CK's HBO standup special.
>> Didn't do that., we'll tell you all about it.
>> Seinfeld.
>> We didn't do Seinfeld.

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