Cams [Sponsored]

The Vooza crew is gaga for baby cams and dog cams. But Sagar’s got a different kind of monitoring in mind.


Sponsored by New Relic
: Moving to the cloud is complicated. Do it right and you can get the infrastructure out of the way, increase agility, and speed innovation. Here’s how New Relic gives you the information you need to migrate wisely. (Get a Vooza video.)


Look how cute you are, coochy coochy.
>> Oh. >> Oh look how cute you are, who's the cutest?
Look how cute you are.
>> Oh. Look at you, so cute.
I can't handle it, look at you.
>> What are you guys looking at?
>> Big boy, who's a big boy?
>> Oh, I've been working 120 hours a week, so
I set up a nanny cam at home so I can watch my newborn.
Who's a big boy, you're a big boy, aren't you?
Look at you.
Pretty neat, huh?
>> You are so adorable.
>> And what are you looking at?
>> A woof cam I installed so I can watch my dogs at home.
Matilda, you get that toy.
You get it. [LAUGH] And these are my two twin pugs, Mary-Kate and Ashley.
>> How many dogs do you have?
>> 32. >> That sounds illegal.
>> I know [LAUGH].
>> Who's the prettiest?
Oh you know.
You're the prettiest.
>> And let me guess, you're looking at your cats.
>> No, I'm using New Relic to monitor the apps we're moving to the cloud.
Oh, who's safe in the cloudy woudy.
You are, you're safe in the cloud.
New Relic tells me that your little safety wafy, mafey, gafey, baby.
Who's in the little happy container?
You're in a safe little container.
[LAUGH] >> There's my Yorkie, Ralphie.
>> Aww, is he riding a Roomba?
>> Ralphie, you get off that Roomba right now.
Ralphie, you do not ride that Roomba out the front door.
>> Why is your front door open?
>> I gotta go.
>> Oh, oh God.
Hank got out of his crib.
>> Is there somebody there to watch him?
>> No I'm watching him on the nanny cam.
>> You can't just set up the camera and go.
You need somebody there to watch him.
>> Oh he's headed for the front door.
[NOISE] >> Well I gotta get back to my Star Wars action figure feed.
I just got Jabba.

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