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The tech world is buzzing about Vooza. Get in on the action by inviting Vooza’s CEO (and/or other team members) to come speak at your tech conference, school, workplace, or Bar Mitzvah. We’ll deliver some laughs and give people a break from all that tech jargon BS. Or we can give a (relatively) more serious presentation on how to use humor in the workplace which is great for non-techy crowds. Best of all, we’re cheaper than a Steve Jobs hologram. Contact us or read on to learn more.

“Matt addressed 250+ business executives at our Annual Conference in Denver. He provided a welcomed break of humor by lampooning tech entrepreneurs and start-ups. He then transitioned into a terrific presentation on how business leaders can use humor to their advantage with clients and employees. It was a great combination–providing laughs as well as valuable takeaways that can be utilized by executives and managers in any setting.”
-Art Flanagan | Vice President, Communications | CASRO

“Matt was our closing keynote for FI Live 2014, and what a great way to end the show. His comic look at the start-up world was hilarious and had the whole room in fits of laughter. A mixture of Matt’s stand up wit and very funny Vooza videos the talk was a hit. Comedy is hard at a conference especially a tech conference but Matt nailed it! I am looking forward to inviting Matt back for Future shows.”
-Natasha Waldron | Event Producer | Future Insights

“We recently featured Matt at TechFestNW in Portland, and he had us all laughing at the follies and foibles of his fake startup Vooza for nearly an hour. It was refreshing to take his lighter and witty look at those brave entrepreneural souls who take their dreams public, exposing some of the many absurdities and confusing jargon that we all manage to put up with in real life. I’d highly recommend Matt as a great way to spice up any tech, startup or entrepreneurial conference or event.”
-Terry St. Marie | Startup investor & emcee | TFNW

“Matt gave a pitch for Vooza during The Next Web Conference USA 2013. Having enjoyed the Vooza videos for over a year, it was great to see that the humor worked just as well live. We were treated to satirical advice for entrepreneurs from Matt’s expertly realized spoof character. It left me thinking that more conferences should feature standup comedy – it really made for a perfect change of pace.”
-Martin Bryant | Editor-in-Chief | The Next Web

“C3, the Creative Change Community in Richmond, Virginia booked Matt Ruby to speak to our audience. His material satirized startup culture and the venture capital community. The material was hilarious and the audience was laughing throughout. I would recommend any tech or business-savvy audience to hire Matt.” 
-Carl Johnson | Chairman | RVA Creativity Awards

“In a star-studded tech lineup at NYC Uncubed, Matt was our most entertaining speaker.” 
-Chris Johnson | Co-Founder at Wakefield Media | Uncubed

Book our CEO
The creator of Vooza, Matt Ruby, is both a standup comedian and experienced tech world veteran. He offers a few flavors of presentation:

1. An in-character “lessons learned from the startup world” talk that will get the whole room laughing. 

2. A genuine look at how to use humor in the workplace and how comedy can help you build empathy with audiences during meetings, pitches, interviews, etc.

3. A hybrid presentation that combines the above topics. 

4. MC/hosting duties to keep your event running smoothly.

You can hear Matt discuss startups on the Informly podcast: “6 secrets to startup success with Matt from Vooza.”

Book the whole team
You can also invite other members of Vooza’s team to deliver a funny presentation.


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