26 June 2013

Vooza’s top designer offers up his opinion on the value of wireframes.


>> How’s it been going with the wire frames?
>> Alright, I mean I might have missed one wire frame.
>> People say oh, he didn’t he didn’t do the wire frames.
>> We’re talking about one wire frame.
>> You know, I may, I made the app, you’ve seen the app.
>> You’ve seen the app and we’re here we’re talking about wire frames?
>> I mean, I, I, I slave over this, this site, this app and were ta.
>> Talking, we’re talking about wire frames?
>> And maybe, maybe I didn’t make one wire frame.
>> But you’ve seen the site, and we’re talking about wire frames?
>> The site’s up, we’ve got the app, and you’re
>> talking, you wanna talk to me about wire frames?
>> Well, I mean, it’s something that people keep mentioning.
>> Yeah, I know, it’s silly.
>> And I know I’m the senior designer, and I’m supposed to lead by example.
>> We’re talking about wire frames.
>> I mean, is it possible that you made
>> the wire frames, then your designs would be better?
>> I still make the app.
>> You’ve seen the app.
>> I kill myself on the app.
>> The app’s out there.
>> Yeah, but it’s.
>> Every site, I design every site like it’s my last site.
>> And you want to talk to me about wire frames?
>> Do you know what wire frames are?
>> Wire, wire frames.
>> That’s like uh.

>> The old, like bent frames when you’re glasses, because they didn’t have um.
>> No.
>> Plastic yesterday to.
>> No.
>> To make the wire.
>> It’s not.
>> That’s

>> not it?
>> No further questions.

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