What is Skeuomorphism?

17 September 2013

Apple is eliminating skeuomorphism! Now what the hell does that mean? The Vooza team explains. Kinda.


>> Well, skeuomorphism is a, a much ballyhooed design term.
>> Ah, basically if you believe in skeuomorphism, you get fired from Apple.
>> Skeuomorphism, yep, yep, that’s ah, when you, you
>> don’t really know how much, how like fat you are.
>> Skeuomorphism.
>> Not a real thing.
>> Gotcha buddy.
>> And like maybe you think you are bigger than, than you actually are.
>> Skeuomorphism.

>> Ask my dad.
>> He invented it.
>> Next.
>> Skeuomorphism is.
>> Yeah, it’s like uh.
>> Well, there’s a few types of
>> skeuomorphism, it’s, skeuomorphism is a, is a homonym.
>> That poor girl had a skeuomorphism and that’s why she didn’t eat.
>> So, when we say skeuomorphism, we could
>> be talking about a, a number of things.
>> There’s skymoorfism, S-K-Y-O-O-M-O-R-F-I-S-I-M, and then
>> there’s S-K-U, with the umlaut.
>> Like, when you get a document, and
>> then you wanna change it into a different
>> kind of document, so then you um, you
>> have to get this program that skeuomorphisizes it.
>> The instinct is to pronounce it shoe-morphism, but uh, don’t, it’s,
>> it’s Dutch, so they pronounce the hard c when it follows an s.
>> I don’t know what the word is in English.
>> It’s actually a German word, but it’s um.

>> Uh, aside from the S-K-U-S-Y-S-C, there’s
>> also, I’m thinking of the word Hanukkah.
>> To be technical about it, skeuomorphism is when you take
>> any design element and you make it look like leather or linen.
>> It’s a disease.
>> It’s some kind of, I don’t know.
>> It’s a, it, it is a common disease.
>> And there’s also um, S-C-E-W.

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