What is LinkedIn?

1 October 2014

LinkedIn is Facebook for boring people. That’s one theory anyway.


>> It’s like, isn’t that like a party?
>> LinkedIn was our greatest president.
>> He emaciated the people of America
at a time when there wasn’t a lot of technology.
>> Again, what?
because I get invited to them every once in a while.
>> LinkedIn is Facebook for boring people.
>> It’s when, when you’re in a field with your friends, and
then you put your hands together like, your arms together like this, and
you link around.
>> LinkedIn is that’s a good question.
>> Well, you know, how when you like, show up to Christmas dinner and
you puked on the mother in law.
>> And you’re Linked out, you’re kicked out.
>> LinkedIn is when you show up and you don’t puke.
>> Around, around the holidays and you can do this with popcorn, but
mostly I like to do it with some construction paper.
>> Where you cut a little construction paper and then you
take another construction paper, and you kind of make a little ring and
then you make a bunch of those and they’re all linked in together.
>> LinkedIn is, LinkedIn is, hold on, I, sorry.

>> Hey, I’ll be, I’m going to answer that. I’ll just, just give me a minute.

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