What is Hyperloop?

15 October 2013

Hyperloop is the most important tech innovation of the year. The Vooza team explains why.


>> Hyperloop.
>> I know what that is.
>> Hyperloop?
>> It’s when it’s going too fast.
>> And it, just, it spends off the chassis.
>> Say,

>> uh.
>> Hyperloop, is when there is a circle that you can run quickly or slowly.
>> Within it.
>> It’s a way of being able to
>> end a conversation right where you started it.
>> So, if I start a conversation with you about tomatoes then we
>> get off track, it reminds you, hey, we were talking about tomatoes.
>> What, uh, can you say that again?
>> You see now, we started getting of top.
>> Here we are talking about Wizard of Oz.
>> Where, in the beginning, we were talking about tomatoes.
>> Where are we getting so off track?
>> But, what’s great, that’s a loop.
>> But it’s, this is a hyper loop.
>> So any time, uh, you get off track, it buzzes you in your neck.
>> What is hyper loop?
>> Hi.
>> Yeah, uh.
>> So, hyper loop is, uh.
>> So, do you know, are you familiar with, like.
>> Fine.
>> And then it kills you.
>> No, no, no, tomatoes.
>> So you know, any, it’s, the reason
>> why I call, it’s called Hyperloop is that
>> it, it allows you to get right
>> back, back loop you back into conversation immediately.
>> So like, Vine like goes like on a loop?

>> So like Hyperloop is um, like what Vine uses, but it’s uh, uh.
>> Louder.
>> It’s like this thing that you, you can on your computer you can put
>> like on a through your fire wire connection
>> and it makes data go through it faster.
>> Hyperloop.

>> Okay.
>> We’re all in a box.
>> Hyperloop is a spaceship.
>> Uh, created by a man named Elan Tusk, who founded Uber.
>> And it’s an actual, real-life transportation system based
>> on the monorail from an old Simpsons episode.
>> Transcend the, the box, and once we trend, see here’s the thing.
>> Before I explain hyperloop, you
>> gotta know trans, transcendent, transcendent.
>> Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24

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