What is Hockey Stick Growth?

5 August 2015

Entrepreneurs need to show hockey stick growth. Vooza’s team will tell you why. (You may want to wear some pads.)


>> Hockey stick growth, hockey stick growth.
>> That is well, I’m about as tall as a hockey stick, I guess.
>> There’s a hockey stick.
>> If you buy a hockey stick, you want it to be about chest level,
>> I think that’s true.
>> That’s a little,
do you want me to really answer that, it’s a little blue.
>> I don’t know if that’s appropriate.
>> Hockey stick growth.
>> Like, I have a couple really idiotic programmers working under me, and
it’s not violent.
>> You know, people are oversensitive to violence actually,
it’s a little bit violent.
>> If they’re not doing their job according to my standards I will whack
them in the back.
>> Well, hockey stick growth, that really took over when a lot of
the Scandinavian players moved into the NHL.
>> Where before, you didn’t have all these Swedes and all these Fins,
you know tall guys.
>> A lot of these guys are six foot eight now, and so
hockey sticks used to be a lot smaller.
>> Yeah, sometimes it’s baseball bat growth, sometimes it’s
golf club growth, sometimes it’s just the back of my hairy hand growth.
>> Hockey stick growth is when you finally get over the fact
that your dad forced you to play hockey when you were growing up, and
you never wanted to play hockey, you just wanted to draw.
>> Hockey stick growth, I don’t know who told you that I had one of those,
but I guess I can show it to you.
>> Oh, you don’t have to.
>> Okay.
>> He said daddy, I don’t want to play hockey, I want to draw.
>> And he forced you to play hockey, and you were never good at it,
you were never good enough on the ice for him.

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