What is Growth Hacking?

28 January 2015

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AirBnB and Dropbox are all companies that use growth hacking. But what exactly is it?


>> Growth hacking is, it’s, it’s something that horticulturists do.
>> It’s like a, it’s like trimming a shrub, you know, but
take that concept and apply it to a computer.
>> Growth hacking is when your ideas aren’t really good, but
you still want to get the results of like, someone who’s smarter than you.
>> And so then you start looking for ways to cheat.
>> But cheating sounds bad so
if you say hacking instead, it makes it seem a lot more creative.
>> So you’re just trying to sort of grow your company and, you know, increase
profits while disguising the fact that you’re doing nothing of value.
>> Well, I think, I think you already know what that is,
if you, if you know what I mean.
>> Yeah, growth hacking.
>> I don’t agree with growth hacking at all.
>> Some people think it’s a good thing.
>> It’s you know, it’s,
some people think it makes the game of baseball a lot more exciting.
>> I personally don’t need that.
>> I like the game in its purest form.
>> But some people think growth hacking has helped the game.
>> I mean, it’s gotten a bunch of players banned, and I don’t support it.
>> I want to go back to a time when baseball players didn’t feel like they had
to growth hack.
>> Growth hacking is when the corn on the farm,
it grows a little higher than eye level and
then you chop it with your hand until it’s all at a suitable level.
>> Growth hacking, that’s something generally left to a dermatologist

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