What is DevOps? [Sponsored]

4 February 2014

“DevOps” is a hot new buzzword in the tech world. The Vooza crew breaks it down. (This video is sponsored by New Relic. Learn more about DevOps at New Relic.)


>> Devops is uh, mythical beast with 22 eyes.
>> Devops is actually an old uh,
>> Ukrainian casserole that my grandmother used to make.
>> Uh, this was when she was alive.
>> Dev is the Greek word for 22.
>> Devops is.
>> It’s a, it’s like that fancy term
>> that project managers use around the office.
>> Devop is short for Devon Obstin the creator, the founder
>> of hashtags, he invented the first hashtag in 1977.
>> It means deviant options and it refers to like.

>> Distracting things in the office like smart phones,
>> Facebook, Pottery barn catalogues, you know stuff like that.
>> It’s how you, how do you make
>> a development, how do you make opportunities in development?
>> I got it right here, it’s
>> a term for bringing together Software developers
>> and IT operations so you can produce
>> software faster and with a lot more iterations.
>> That doesn’t sound right.
>> Well that’s according to new relic a company that makes
>> Software analytic’s that can help you build faster more reliable web apps.

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