What is a seed round?

26 March 2014

Is a seed round a way to grow robot people? Vooza’s team is here to provide answers.


>> A seed round?
>> A seed round is uh, where you get around the fire.
>> Seed round.

>> What’s the, the most important thing in, in technology?
>> Planting the seed.
>> Seed round.
>> In college, I had a lot of seed rounds.
>> Um.
>> Once you plant the seed, it can spread.
>> Virally.
>> I think seed round is, is just like, this
>> one seed, it’s really big, and it’s just like, round.
>> Uh, it’s actually a, a term for um.
>> Making uh, uh, rotund people.
>> And then you can just eat on it for days, like a jawbreaker for birds.

>> Uh, in the future they’re going to make rotund robots.
>> See, seed round.
>> C-S-E-A-A.
>> S-E, could you spell that?
>> Microchip semen is this uh, type of electronic semen.
>> It’s not semen as you and I.
>> Are familiar with uh, but uh, like a mechanical, electronical
>> semen uh, that will be used to form essentially robot people.
>> Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24

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