What is a Phablet?

13 May 2015

Learn what a phablet is and why you need one – especially if you are a liar, a vegetarian, or a pervert.


>> A phablet is a really cute,
little it’s a cute little critter, it’s a little phablet.
>> Phablet a phablet is like sort of a tablet like an iPad or
something but for vegetarians.
>> A phablet is just one of those tab tablet PCs, right?
>> That it tells lies.
>> Like, you know how Siri will tell you how to get things?
>> This, well this will tell like phabs.
>> Phablet is what kids used to call me when I was growing up.
>> And it’s a phrase that I don’t endorse and I think it’s really mean, and
>> I want to let everyone out there know.
>> If you’re being called a phablet by anyone in your middle school,
it gets better.
>> It will spit out phabs, you understand?
>> Fibs? >> No, what?
>> Fibs?
>> No, fibs are the truth I think, right?
>> A phablet is a, is like a is a, is like a tablet.
>> Like an iPad or anything, or something like that but a,
what what a phablet is, is it’s a, a tablet that only shows the Fonz.
>> So you can only watch Happy Days,
you can only look at pictures of author, Arthur Fonzarelli.
>> What is a fab, fabu?
>> Phablet. >> Phablet!
>> There might be a way to hack it and you can like maybe watch Laverne &
>> Shirley on it, but I think it’s just, I think it’s just for Fonzie mostly.
>> I don’t wear them anymore,
because if they’re out of season I keep them in the closet,
because I think that eventually like most trends it comes back.
>> But it’s sort of, it’s like a sensible skort.
>> A phaplet is a iPad that’s used just for pornography.

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