What is 3D Printing?

28 May 2014

This is what happens when you combine 3D printing and guns.


>> Its like a pop up, pop, pop up pictures on the paper.
>> 3D printing, that’s a really cool one.
>> That’s where you take like a movie, that isn’t in
>> D, like Jaws should be in 3D but it’s not.
>> It’s like you know when you get your printer.
>> And you sit really close to the screen, and then
>> you have a buddy push the TV on top of you.
>> And it starts, like, popping images at you and then you have
>> to put sunglasses on to look at it in order to finish the job.
>> A 3D printer is a printer that prints me fake coupons to Applebee’s.
>> Okay, here’s the thing about it.
>> I was a key player in a think tank that proceeded 3D printing.
>> And I’ve signed multiple NDAs that don’t allow
>> me to tell you what 3D printing is.
>> A 3D printer is a way to make guns at home.
>> I love 3D printing.
>> It’s like my favorite, most exciting thing about working here, actually.
>> So I’m glad you asked me about that.

>> Like have, you know, like when you go to movies.
>> You know, if you’re an NRA guy, and you
>> live in some, you know, liberal place, San Fransisco, you know?
>> And you’re like, hey I need guns.
>> You buy one of these printers and all you have to
>> do is flip on the switch and a gun prints out.
>> You have to change an ink
>> cartridges, that’s the thing that always gets me.
>> And it, it’s helpful in marketing.
>> It’s a tool that I use all the time.
>> So.
>> You can also print bullets, you can print people to
>> shoot, it’s really a, it’s going to be the future for violence.

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