Animated Explainer Video

26 December 2012

An explainer video for Vooza. Includes folk music and illustrations! Vooza: It’s the web app you never knew you wanted.


>> Vooza is a mobile web app that’s real
>> time, cloud based, social and local.
>> What does it do?
>> Shh.
>> We’re still in beta, have been for about
>> four years now.
>> Okay, but it will probably be like
>> Pintrest
>> meets Instagram, but for weddings or
>> sandwiches or something.

>> But for now we can tell you that Vooza
>> uses
>> all your favorite web technologies like
>> crowdsourcing, geo-tagging and wiki stuff.

>> And it integrates with Facebook, Twitter,
>> Tumblr, Foursquare, and a bunch
>> of other things that are way more
>> successful than we’ll ever be.
>> It also has RSS, API, S3, and a bunch of
>> other acronyms we don’t understand.

>> Like QQQQ,

>> K, 5.
>> Ruby on Rails, we use it.
>> Y Combinator, they rejected us.
>> Ashton Kutcher, he once tweeted about a
>> guy we met at south by southwest.
>> Now how does Vooza make money?
>> Well whoa there.
>> Okay, at Vooza we think of revenue as a
>> journey, not a destination.

>> And we can afford to take our time cuz
>> we’ve
>> raised funding for some of the industry’s
>> top venture capitalists.
>> So sign up for an invite today because we
>> need users.
>> Alright?
>> That way we can go international.
>> Voila!
>> is the web app you never knew
>> you wanted.

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