Wearable Tech

14 September 2016

Fashion trends meet wearable technology in Vooza’s new line of smart accessories. Sleep masks, jewelry, and even a thong! Eat your heart out, Fitbit.


Charles Gould
Matt Ruby


>> Wearable technology is finally stepping up its fashion game.
>> Let’s take a look at the newest line of wearable tech fashions exclusively
from Vooza.
>> Sorry.
>> Turn this way.
>> Which way?
>> This way.
>> There you go, the camera’s right there.
>> This might look like a normal sleep mask, but when I take it off,
>> It brews my coffee.
>> Good night.
>> The zipper on this hoodie adjusts the volume on my iTunes.
>> Is it too late now to say sorry?
because I’m loving more than your body.
>> Whoa, whoa, whoa!
>> I’m wearing a thong.
>> Trust me, it’s amazingly comfortable.
>> Also it has built in sensors that tell me when it’s time to trim my pubes.
>> This ring has my bank account and credit card information on it.
>> Also, it opens up my car doors and my house.
>> One time I lost it, I left it in a coffee shop and
somebody stole everything that was valuable to me.
>> Talk about convenience.
>> I just got a tooth filling that notifies me of calendar events.
>> Happy Flag Day.
>> Tired of your phone running out of batteries while you’re out
running errands?
>> Don’t worry about that anymore.
>> This backpack,
>> This backpack slash wireless phone charging station.
>> Stay tuned for more great wearable tech items.
>> Wait, can we hurry this up?
>> My back’s killing me.
>> That’s okay, I’m just wrapping up, great wearable technology-
>> This thing weighs like 600 pounds, this is really bad for my scoliosis.
>> All right, all right, come on.
>> We’ll be back soon with more great wearable tech from Vooza.
>> Do you need your phone charged?
because this can charge your phone.
>> No I’m at 100%, that’s cool.

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