Weak Password

11 June 2013

Everyone’s talking about security these days. Well, the first step to keeping your data protected is to choose a password that can’t be hacked. At Vooza, passwords need to be at least 8 characters, contain one emoji, one Chinese character, and the name of a British Prime Minister. And then there are the security questions. Warning: They can get a bit personal.


>> All right.
>> Let’s type in your new password.

>> Uh, no.
>> That’s weak.
>> It has to be at least eight characters.
>> Okay.

>> Weak again.
>> All right, here’s, you need one emoji, one Chinese
>> character, and the name of a British Prime Minister.

>> Oh, Churchill, really?
>> I just robbed your bank account.

>> Don’t eyeball me.
>> Do it again.

>> No.
>> Look, the Chinese character has to be either first or last.
>> No, ugh.
>> Strong.
>> Yeah, very strong.
>> Nice job.
>> Okay, can I log in now?
>> No.
>> We gotta do your security questions.
>> Um, what is the phone number of your third grade teacher?
>> I have no idea.

>> All right.
>> What are the last four digits of
>> the social security number of your best man?
>> I’m not married.

>> Well don’t you think you should be doing something about that?
>> Tick tock you know.
>> Isn’t that kinda personal?
>> Well no, that, that’s the security question.
>> Don’t you think you should be
>> doing something about your ticking biological clock?
>> Yeah.
>> And your answer should probably be yes.

>> Right.
>> I mean, you should be doing something about it.

>> Why are you so concerned about my love life?
>> I want to see you prosper in this world.
>> It’s beyond just password and security questions I want to see you do well.

>> I knew you have it in you to be a great mother and a wonderful wife.
>> Thanks.

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