17 January 2013

You’ve never been to a tech conference like this before. Every attendee gets their own DJ!


>> At Vooza, we use the word VoozaConf every day.
>> We love it!
>> It’s like Christmas meets your wedding day, but better!
>> I know what you’re thinking: yeah, I’ve been to tech conferences before.
>> What’s all the fuss about?
>> Well you haven’t been to one like this before.
>> Allow me To paint you a picture.

>> You wake up in Boise Idaho.
>> Nuff said.
>> You get here and walk through the door.
>> Woah, is this a party?
>> Pretty much because every attendee get’s their own DJ.
>> Five attendee maximum.
>> Head to the Keynote, the energy’s amazing.
>> Amazing.
>> Whoa!
>> What’s that?
>> Is that Tony Robbins?
>> No.
>> It’s a Tony Robbins hologram.
>> Then you head to the break dance sessions.
>> Wait!
>> Don’t you mean break out sessions?
>> No.
>> We mean break dance sessions.
>> We got 650 of ’em.
>> Top rock.
>> Footwork.
>> Electric boogaloo.
>> Body dance.
>> Sales, IT, we’re gonna dance it all out.
>> That’s the cops shutting us down, because this party’s too cool.
>> Now it’s time for the grand finale, the global gala.
>> Third Eye Blind reunion, anybody?
>> Uh, yeah, I think so.
>> So go ahead and.
>> Step back from that ledge, my friend.
>> Cuz you’re at the greatest tech conference ever, Voozaconf.
>> What, what!
>> Bye!

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