User Interface Artist

15 May 2013

Design is emotion. A good UX designer must ask, “Does this radio button make you feel happy or sad?” In this video, Vooza designer Sarah Ebersol explains how to be a user interface artist and when to express emotions inside web forms. Watch her turn tragedy into beauty, via a web pulldown menu.


>> I study people.
>> I like to look at the shape of their nose or the way they part their hair.

>> And then I like to put each of those details into my designs.
>> I sell a lot of things on Etsy.
>> I knit these Navajo inspired scarfs where I submerged them in
>> a lime juice bath for an hour and air dry them.
>> And that’s to ward off the evil spirits.

>> Oh, and I also make buttons with gerbils on them.

>> I refuse to be stereotyped.
>> I think it’s very comforting for people to put me in a
>> box, where they see me and they’re like, oh she’s a girly girl.
>> She likes fashion and puppies.
>> Well, guess what?
>> I also like funny hats.
>> Put that in your box.
>> I’m not a very rule based person.
>> I mean, I’m a Gemini where I’m like, I show up early.
>> Like a year early, but like ten minutes late.
>> Do you know what I mean?

>> Design is emotion.
>> Does this radio button make you feel happy or sad?
>> You know?
>> I’m like all over the place.
>> I’m ju, you, it’s just, it’s, it’s wild, it’s out of sorts.
>> Can I share something with you?
>> A few months back I had found out that my cat had feline leukemia.

>> And it was the darkest period of my life.

>> I was hurting inside and I still had
>> to come to work every day, but when you’re
>> an artist you take those negative feelings and you
>> express it into what you do in your art.
>> And I was working on this tracking form.

>> And you can really tell that I
>> was going through a lot of negative feelings.
>> I hated the world back then.
>> You can really look down on the priority load pulldown menu.
>> I had put low, when usually I started with high.
>> And you can sense.

>> Oh, I think this person who created this form is sad.

>> And I’m sorry.
>> I would like to make a form that says, I’m happy.

>> But I think I’m here, I’m in that spot now.

>> I managed to create something so beautiful
>> from something so tragic like feline leukemia.

>> I’m proud of this.

>> It’s me.

>> And I’d like to tell you Scruffles is alive and two months in remission.
>> So, my web forms have that pep in them that people know me for, you know?

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