8 December 2015

Vooza’s now worth over $1 billion dollars which means it’s a “unicorn” which means it’s time to celebrate.



>> We just finished three rounds of funding that raised $625 million.
>> That puts our valuation at $1 billion.
>> Uh-oh. >> Woo.
>> Who’s the unicorn?
>> We’re the unicorn.
[LAUGH] >> Unicorn city baby.
>> [NOISE] [LAUGH] >> It feels good.
>> It does feel good.
>> Is that important?
>> Yeah I mean, we’ve crossed the billion dollar mark,
it’s got a lot of cache.
>> Yeah, one billion.
>> That’s a nice round number and that makes a big difference psychologically.
>> Yeah. >> Listen, you make 200 million bucks and you can just still be
a fly by night start up company that’s just looking for a fast exit.
>> You get a billion dollar valuation, that’s saying you’re here to stay.
>> Yeah, the world knows we’re not looking to get acquired for
at least ten or even 20 weeks.
>> Do you ever worry there could be a repeat of what happened during
the dot com crash back in 2000?
>> In 2000, [LAUGH] I don’t even remember 2000 anymore.
>> What happened in 2000 again?
>> Maybe we should worry about another ice age, too.
>> Yeah. >> While we’re at it.
>> Hey, do we have dinosaurs chasing us behind us?
>> Uh-oh, watch out.
>> Jurassic Park!
>> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH] >> Not worried about it.
>> Yeah, not worried at all.
>> No.
>> I guess you could be cautious but
that just means you don’t have a lot of tolerance for risk.
>> Times have changed.
>> Things are different.
>> Okay? We are in a different era.
>> We’re actually making profit now.
>> We have a plan for making profit.
>> We have a solid plan to make profit.
>> Right. Right.
>> And really I think if you look around nowadays, profit’s kind of overrated.
>> And what do you do with all this money you raise?
>> What do you do with money, we spend it!
>> Yeah spend every last dime of it.
>> Yeah, if we don’t spend the money, how are we going to raise more money?
>> It’s like that old saying goes, you gotta spend money to raise money.
>> I think it depends on how you define money.
>> Yeah. >> You’re looking at it the wrong way.
>> Value is being disrupted right now,
and I would argue that experience is the new product.
>> Yeah, you know what,
we’ll let the other companies worry about making money.
>> Besides, we’re unicorns, baby.
>> Hey. Look at this.
>> Unicorns. >> Unicorns, baby.
>> Let’s go spend some money.
>> All right, let’s do it.
>> All right, how about some kind of rocket ship or something.
>> Yeah, that sounds good.

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