It’s Like Uber For…

11 June 2019

Steve’s got a new app idea and it is just like Uber. Kinda.


>> Thanks everybody for coming to my presentation
>> for my new App idea I appreciate it.
>> Laura?
>> Laura?
>> Have you heard about my new app?
>> No.
>> Okay.
>> So, it is Like Uber For Dry Cleaning.
>> Okay, that’s just like, that’s the joke, that’s the joke idea.

>> So basically my new app is like Uber for babysitting.

>> That’s a dumb one.
>> Okay?
>> That’s fine.
>> I, I have tons more.
>> This is just like one thing I was like I was thinking about.
>> okay, it’s it’s like Uber for transvestites.

>> hey, hey.
>> I still got, I still got, that’s just like.
>> This is a warm up ideas.
>> It’s like Uber but for pizza grease.
>> It’s like Uber for Jake Gillenhall.

>> Okay?
>> All right?
>> Oh, no, no no.
>> I got it, I got it, I got it.
>> Oh, oh this is the one.
>> It’s like [SOUND] excuse me, hey, it’s
>> like Uber but for instincts on your shirt.
>> It’s like, it’s like Uber for arthritis.
>> Uber for tool sheds.

>> All right we’re flowing here, the ideas
>> are coming, you’re writing these down, right?

>> It’s like, it’s like Uber for karate.
>> All right, okay, this is the one.
>> It’s like Uber, but for taxi cabs.
>> You know what you sound like?
>> What?
>> Like Uber for [SOUND].
>> Okay, see, that would be a good
>> idea, except I’m already doing Uber for douchebags.
>> So you’ll be hearing from my lawyers if you try to use that one.
>> They’re like Uber but for frivolous lawsuits.
>> Okay?
>> They’re called Sue Yoooou but with four o’s.
>> Laura?
>> Laura, I’m still talking to you Laura.
>> I’m feeling kind of vulnerable and alone right now.

>> It’s like Uber for suicides.
>> That’s a good one.
>> Uber for suicides [INAUDIBLE].
>> But how do I test that?
>> I need a sad person.
>> Hey, Sogger, Sogg can you come in and help me open this window?

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