The Pitch

13 February 2018

Vooza’s CEO and VP of Biz Dev share insights about what it takes to craft a great pitch. Hint: It involves storytelling, passion, a willingness to fail, and Mongolian monks.


>> When we pitch Vooza, we’re telling a story about our business.
>> It’s not marketing, it’s storytelling.
>> You know, Vooza’s idea that creates a very emotional response in people.
>> You know, people hear about what we’re
>> doing here and usually there’s laughter, or tears.
>> A lot of tears.
>> Yeah, that’s how we know it’s an idea that resonants with them.
>> The key to pitching is to show your strength as a team.
>> What does Vooza do?
>> Well you are not gonna believe it.
>> You want them to see your passion.
>> This has never happened before.
>> For how passionate you are.
>> Yeah, I mean I don’t care where someone went to school.
>> I care about whether or not they have a PhD in passion.
>> I mean that’s the PhD that counts to me.
>> Our first pitch wasn’t actually to investors, it was to customers.
>> And it was a good thing that we did that preliminary pitch.
>> We found out that that idea wasn’t that great.
>> It was an app that allows you to diagnose
>> your own symptoms and operate on yourself if need be.
>> Yeah.
>> We called it Hypochondriac.

>> And it turns out they were not into that idea.
>> And then there are more better after that.
>> I mean, that’s part of pitching, is failing.
>> And that’s when you need to remember that pitching
>> is, is 10% success, and the other 90% is failure.
>> And that’s what I remind myself all the time.
>> It’s okay to fail, I am a failure.
>> I mean, I tell him all the time what a failure he is.
>> And I appreciate that.
>> Thank you.
>> You’re also a failure.
>> Thank you.
>> You’re welcome.
>> Failure is how you get.

>> To more failure.
>> Cuz if you can’t articulate your startup in under ten seconds,
>> you’re talking too much about implementation, and not enough about vision.
>> I gotta say, I think the ten seconds is too long.
>> I think you should be able to convey your idea in just a sound.

>> All right, Steve.
>> What’s Vooza about?
>> It’s like Meeeeowww.
>> I feel like I have a sound that’s a little more descriptive.
>> What’s

>> that?
>> [NOISE]
>> Even that’s too long I would just be like [NOISE].
>> [NOISE]
>> [NOISE] Aah!
>> [LAUGH]
>> Unga.
>> I learned that from the Yoso monks of Mongolia.
>> Ah.

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