The Perfect Cup of Coffee

16 September 2014

Let the coffee be transcendent. Let it take you somewhere you’ve never been before.


>> This coffee has had such an incredible journey.
>> I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you all about it.
>> It was grown on the mountain sides of the Peruvian mountain,
>> Mount Jurapatcha.
>> It was then collected by a farmer named Almenyo and his familia.
>> He has two sons, Jorge and Rodrigo.
>> They support different football teams, which leads to some friction at
the dinner table, and sometimes, you can really taste the arguments.
>> Peru had 8% more rainfall than any other South American country this year.
>> That means they had two harvests,
which means this guy is really excited about these seeds.
>> So, let’s get started.

>> Now, you have to respect your tools like you respect someone you love.

>> So, I like to talk to it,
ask it permission, may I take your top off please?
>> Thank you.
>> Next, you got to put some scoops in there,
now most people put two scoops, some people just eye it.
>> Not me.
>> I’ve done this once or twice.
.72 milligrams, enough for three perfect cups.
[LAUGH] Now this is rainwater, that I’ve been collecting on the roof for
about a year and a half.
>> Then you heat the water.
[SOUND] I boil every scoop by hand, this is going to be good.

>> This takes about nine hours, but trust me, it’s worth it.
>> It is worth it.
>> Let the coffee be transcendent.
>> Let it take you places that you’ve never been.

>> I’m on a tropical island.
>> Morning dew drips softly off the leaves.
>> I’m wearing a Speedo.
>> And, I totally okay with that.
>> Like I feel great about myself.

>> I’m backpacking through the Alps.

>> I found a great spot with lush green grass and a waterfall.
>> It’s somewhere between France and Switzerland.
>> I, I really have to go to the bathroom.

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