The Office Experience

21 August 2013

Your office design needs to support your culture and encourage a cross-fertilization of ideas. The key is to encourage serendipity and unexpected connections.


>> Your office design needs to support your culture.
>> It starts with our location here in New York City.
>> We pride ourselves on bringing something special to the local community.
>> You know, New York isn’t really a big design town.
>> So we’re trying to shake things up a bit.
>> You know, we get out into the streets, feel what the locals feel.
>> And then, bring that dynamic nature back into our office.
>> Go [SOUND] yourself!
>> What I love about this space is, it has a kind of grit to it.
[NOISE] And maintaining that grit is one of the challenge is.
>> Making sure the space, and then trying to be something that it isn’t.

>> So that’s why we rarely clean the bathrooms.

>> You know?
>> Some people are like, ugh, is that a fungus?
>> And I’m like, no, that’s a vibrant culture.

>> We wanna see a cross-fertilization of ideas.
>> It’s about serendipity, unexpected connections.

>> That’s why I watch the movie Serendipity at
>> least three times a week at my desk.
>> Obviously.
>> One of my serindipi-dont’s, don’t interrupt me when I’m watching my movie.

>> Love it.
>> It’s the best.
>> One of the first things visitors ask
>> is how do you keep it so quiet here.
>> And I always say, shh!

>> Library rules.
>> And

>> then they’re like, what?
>> And I’m like, shh!
>> Library rules.
>> Shh.
>> I mean, it’s not just an office.
>> It’s like an experience.

>> All right.
>> Here’s something I’m really proud of.
>> Uh, this is a family tree that my son drew.

>> Ah.
>> And he depicted me as a laptop, and I think that
>> just really goes to show I’m giving this company all I’ve got.

>> Really warms the heart.
>> I mean.
>> I just loved it here at Vooza.

>> It’s like a whole bunch of Oompa-Loompas working around here.
>> Like one big chocolate factory, and I want to eat it all up.

>> I can’t.
>> It’s so good.
>> Woo.
>> [COUGH].
>> That kind of office.
>> [COUGH].

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