The greatest infographic ever made

18 March 2014

The Da Vinci of Design offers up wisdom on sculpture, tension, and how to tell a story with graphics. (This episode is sponsored by WeTransfer. They transfer your files from A to B, free of stress/charge, and it couldn’t be simpler.)


>> They call me the Da Vinci of design.
>> Of course, I don’t call myself that.
>> I’m much too humble.
>> I just tell people to call me the Minister of Information.

>> I always advise my mentees to put their names on things.
>> It proves you care about the
>> contents, will accept responsibility for its validity.
>> That’s why I write my name on everything in the office.

>> My true passion is my sculptures.
>> So much of my design work is a war against stupidity.
>> With my sculptures I can just sit back and enjoy my own private pleasure.
>> This is my latest work, my latest achievement.
>> It’s made from scrap metal I found at a nuclear power plant.
>> It glows in the dark and it may be radioactive.
>> I call him Glibert, Gloubix Glibert.
>> He was born much like I was.

>> Out of a rouge womb on the side of the highway.
>> You should always be tension.
>> whenever you have a designer that has no tension, be aware.
>> Tension is what moves the process forward.

>> Feel that?
>> That’s tension.
>> That is progress.
>> I wanna show you a statistical graphic that
>> I put together, that I’m actually quite impressed with.

>> I use it as my background at We Transfer, which I use to send large files.

>> As you can see, the Plus version
>> allows you to customize your download screen.
>> I know you’d be into that, right?
>> [LAUGH] I would.
>> That’s be cool.
>> I call it the pudding map.
>> It’s regal, yet refined.
>> It tells the story of the sprawling bloody horror as
>> over the course of weeks, cold and hunger set in.
>> Finishing off the last of the
>> remaining puddings from the puddings refrigerator.
>> Sounds terrible.
>> You don’t even know the beginning of it.

>> Tell me everything?
>> On November 28th, catastrophe happens.
>> In an attempt to feed an entire conference room
>> full of visitors, nearly half of the puddings are consumed.
>> Half?
>> Half.
>> That’s so many puddings.
>> It’s nearly half.
>> Then in late December, nearly two full months after the
>> fridge was originally stocked the last of the puddings is eaten.

>> By a temp.

>> Ultimately I was only able to eat one of the 42 puddings.

>> In this doomed campaign.

>> This, is war and peace as told by visual Tolstoy.

>> If war and peace was about pudding.

>> It’s a masterpiece.
>> Thank you.
>> I’m in awe.
>> Me too.
>> I’ve done it again.

>> What is that?
>> Is that pudding?
>> No, it’s Yoo-hoo.
>> What’s Yoo-hoo?
>> Kinda like liquid pudding.
>> Are you using this right now?
>> Mm-hm.
>> Mm-hm.
>> Can I?
>> Are you done with it yet or no?
>> Nope, still working.
>> Are you done with it?
>> [SOUND] Uh-uh.
>> Still working.
>> Hey, what’s that over there?
[SOUND] Look at that other thing.

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