The Font Whisperer [Sponsored]

27 April 2018

If fonts could talk, they’d sound like this. Meet the font whisperer, the man who can act out any font. Watch out, though. His Helvetica can be a little aggressive.


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>> Now, here’s how it looks in Helvetica.
>> Hm, I don’t know I’m just having a tough time getting the vibe of it.
>> You can bring in Tyler.
>> Tyler, the font man.
>> What’s that?
>> Tyler, we need you to act out some fonts for us.
>> Bring it on.
>> All right, we’re thinking about going with Helvetica.
>> Helvetica?
[COUGH] I am Swiss and I am modern and neutral and
>> I wear very fancy glasses from Warby Parker and socks with sandals.
>> I like art and know about it.
>> You are very sloppy, you should tuck your shirt in.
[FOREIGN] >> A little aggressive.
>> Intense.
>> How about Cooper Black?
>> Bro not so harsh all right?
>> Why don’t we just take a chill pill and go down to the beach and
play the bongos?
>> What do you say we light up this doobie and?
>> It’s a little McConaughey.
>> Yeah.
>> What about Futura, maybe we try that?
>> Futura okay.
>> I’m from the future, I live on Mars,
>> I drive a car in the sky, zoom, zoom, zoom.
>> Or Comic Sans?
>> Hey boys and girls, let’s make some balloon animals [NOISE].
>> How about Times New Roman?
>> You know what’s interesting about that is people say geeks and
nerds are synonyms but they’re actually quite different.
>> There’s a distinction and I will explain why.
>> Mm, what about something old timey like a scripty font?
>> Yeah how bout Canterbury?
>> To serif or not, to serif that is the question.
>> Tis nobler in the minds of.
>> Now I’m wondering if the whole layout needs to change.
>> I don’t really have the time for a new layout.
>> Hm.
>> We could use GoDesignerGo.
>> Their a dedicated team of designers takes the hassle out of day to day
graphing design tasks and they do quality work,
give you unlimited revisions.
>> You know but we need this by next week.
>> It can deliver finished designs within two business days.
>> Then we don’t have to deal with either of you.
>> Might just do that.
>> But you know what why don’t we try Franklin Gothic first.
>> You want to do that?
>> Yeah sure.
>> All right can we see that in Franklin Gothic?
>> What’s that bro?
>> I couldn’t hear you from all the way over here!
>> Why don’t you come at me?
>> You want a piece of this?
>> You want a piece of this?
>> Come at me! Come on, bro!
>> I’ll squish your head like a pea!
>> That’s one of my favorites.

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