The 5 Whys

18 December 2019

Technical problems are actually human problems. That’s why you need to ask the 5 Whys.


>> You see Matt, every supposedly technical
>> problem is actually a human problem.
>> That’s why we ask the five why’s.
>> The five why’s.
>> The five why’s.
>> It’s an old technique developed by Toyota.
>> You just ask the question why five times, and then the
>> nature of the problem as well as its solution becomes clear.
>> Yo, Sager.
>> Server crashed again.
>> Not again.

>> Well, let’s do the 5 whys: Why did the server crash?
>> We pushed a new API to that server.
>> Why?
>> We just launched a new feature.
>> It probably used that API the wrong way.
>> Why?
>> Uh, we have a new engineer who
>> doesn’t know how to use that API properly.
>> Why?
>> We never trained him.
>> Why?
>> Because you didn’t want to train him!
>> You sent me an email that said if they can’t figure it out screw ’em.
>> Why?
>> Because as a leader, you are a little bit incompetent and
>> you kinda know it, so you hide behind this tough guy, like veil.
>> Okay, you know what, this whole thing
>> is exactly why I would never buy a Toyota.
>> Well, at least we figured it out, right?
>> See what seemed like a tactical problem, is actually a managerial problem.
>> You know what?
>> We can start offering a trainig program.
>> I’ll just have to uh, cut your salary by 25%.
>> Why?
>> Cuz I can’t afford to pay you a full salary and have a training program.
>> Why?
>> We don’t, make enough money for that.
>> We have no revenue coming in.
>> Why?
>> Cuz no one wants to buy what we’re making.
>> Why?
>> Cuz what we’re making’s worthless.
>> Why?
>> I think everyone who works here is incompetent.
>> Well, well then we should stop asking the five whys, it’s stupid.
>> Why?
>> Well, well, cuz I don’t want my salary cut.
>> Why?
>> Well I need money to buy things.
>> Why?
>> Because that’s how I’m programmed by society.
>> That’s what, what society tells me, that’s what will make me happy!
>> Why?
>> Because a few corporations want me to keep
>> buying stuff, you know, I’m like the sheep, you
>> know, the fast move companies fatten me up so
>> then the healthcare industry can slim me back down.
>> I’m just like a pinball being whacked around in
>> an arcade so that one man can have it all!
>> Why?
>> Because uh, the Illuminati or something.
>> Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24

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