18 May 2019

Fast-growing companies need to embrace the power of storytelling. Until a new buzzword comes along…


>> Marketing is really storytelling.
>> People don’t want a list of ingredients.
>> They want the story behind, where does my food come from?
>> Who grew it?
>> Who plucked it [SOUND]?
>> When it comes to pitching, you need to be a good storyteller.
>> If they feel like you’re trying to sell them something,
they’re going to clam up.
>> But if you tell them a good story, they want to connect with you.
[SOUND] >> I think graphic design is about telling stories, visual stories,
words and images coming together to tell a story that you can see [SOUND].
>> I was pair programming recently and had a bit of a revelation.
>> Programming is just like storytelling.
>> You’re telling a story to the computer, except with code [SOUND].
>> Customer service is all about storytelling.
>> We will get that to you within four hours.
>> That’s a story.
>> We appreciate your feedback.
>> Big story.
>> We’ll keep your feature request in mind.
[LAUGH] Come on.
>> But people eat that stuff up [SOUND].
>> For me, the term storytelling is a little played out as a buzz word.
>> The thing now is storyscaping.
>> That’s like landscaping, but with words.
>> I’ll give you an example.
>> Once upon a time, there was a magical land called Silicon Valley,
with creatures like unicorns, and elves, and venture capitalists.
>> And wistful little boys would travel there when
they had good ideas about how to help people, and
make their lives more convenient and float on clouds.
>> But sometimes the little curly haired boys would go into rooms with
dragons, and those dragons would say things like, there’s already an Uber.
>> And then the little boy would have to say, well.

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