Stop Getting Offended

27 July 2016

The problem with all this online outrage is you make what you hate. Vooza explains how sharing things that are offensive just makes money for the people who publish that stuff. Result: You get more outrageous content that offends you.


Charles Gould
Matt Ruby
Meg Cupernall
Steve O'Brien


>> This is so wrong.
>> See something online that offends you and
you want to tell the world about it?
>> You might want to think twice about that.
>> Let me explain.
>> See, Charles here just read an article that offends him.
>> This is outrageous.
>> And how’s he going to fight back?
>> I’m going to post about this on Facebook.
>> All my friends need to see this trash.
>> But when he posts about it on Facebook, his friends click on the link.
>> What?
>> Are you kidding me?
>> And they wind up sharing it too.
>> You know what?
>> Okay,
[SOUND] you have got to see this, ridiculous.
>> But all those clicks mean more traffic for
whoever published that article.
>> My god look at all these views.
>> It’s amazing.
>> And when you get more traffic that means more banner ads and
more ad revenues coming in.
>> Cha ching.
>> And when he sees how much money that article’s making him.
>> Listen, we need more stories about this ASAP.
>> Just means the Internet gets more and more terrible.
>> No, no, no.
>> Publish it now.
>> No, don’t worry about spell check.
>> Just publish it
>> I know it sucks but we live under the tyranny of clicks and
basically you make what you hate.
>> So, what should I do when I’m offended?
>> Well definitely don’t link to that thing and may I suggest,
stop leading your life looking for reasons to be offended.
>> So, just stop being offended?
>> Yeah.
>> Like, cold turkey?
>> Yes.
>> [LAUGH] But I’m in the middle of a post right now about something I’m
really offended about.
>> Here, I’ll help.
>> Well, the tickets-
>> Well, I just have a couple in the queue.
>> You don’t have to get offended
>> But my last post got 82 likes.
>> [CROSSTALK] Charles, Charles, no more getting offended.
>> [LAUGH] I’m not offended, I can not be offended by anything.
>> Steve, give me your opinion on transgender bathrooms.
[SOUND] I disagree with that so much.

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