Standup Meetings

17 January 2013

Standup meetings are supposed to speed things up. But what happens if your meetings are STILL taking too long? Well then it’s time to get creative.


>> Why are we doing this?
>> Look, we did the standing meetings thing
>> and they were still taking way too long, alright?
>> So I figured we oughta make our meetings, you know, more uncomfortable.
>> Now, I wanna talk about the help section.
>> We wanna get people to the information they want more quickly.
>> So if they can maybe like, a customer forum, you know, like a
>> place they could ask questions, and just, get answers when they need it.
>> Whatta you guys think, huh?
>> [SOUND]
>> I’m a little nervous about this hot coal meeting.
>> I think it’ll be a spiritual experience.

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