Speaking While Female

4 November 2015

When a man talks in a meeting, he gets heard. But when a woman does, she gets “manterrupted” or called too aggressive. Watch the ladies at Vooza try a few workarounds.


>> And that is why it is crucial to hear the voices of both men and women.
>> So we can pool together the intellectual resources and
encourage both imagination and innovation.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Wow.
>> Great.
>> Wow.
>> All right, anyone else got anything?
>> I have a few ideas I’d like to go over with the group.
>> Okay.
>> Excuse me, Tyler.
>> All right, I’m just really glad that we’re having this meeting.
>> [SOUND].
>> because I actually stayed up really late last night doing a lot of
research on this topic, and I have found that one out of four women.
>> [SOUND].
>> Remain silent during group meetings because they’re.
>> [SOUND].
>> Because they’re afraid that their ideas aren’t going to get heard.
>> Oh hey, you know what, to piggy back off that idea.
>> Did you guys see Cupcake Wars last night?
>> I’m watching it right now.
>> Dude, it’s crazy.
>> It’s so good. >> It’s insane.
>> Guys. >> They’re geniuses.
>> I just- >> Amazing.
>> [SOUND] Never mind.
>> The kitchen.
>> Yeah. >> You know it’s magic.
>> Every time I talk, I get shot down before I can finish.
>> I know.
>> I got this.
>> Just need to be more aggressive.
>> Likey, no likey, likey.
>> Tyler, how are you?
>> Everything’s good?
>> How’s your mother?
>> She’s okay- >> Yeah?
>> Family’s good?
>> Yet you look skinny.
>> You should eat something.
>> Why don’t you have a seat?
[SOUND] >> [LAUGH] That’s funny.
>> What do you mean?
>> Funny how?
>> You know what I mean.
>> No, I don’t know.
>> I don’t know what you mean.
>> Do you know what he means?
>> I mean, I just think Charles was- >> Do me a favor,
don’t answer that, okay?
>> He’s a big boy.
>> Let me ask you something.
>> How am I funny?
>> I just thought, I thought that you told the story really funny.
>> I don’t know why you’re funny.
[SOUND] >> Oh, okay.
>> [INAUDIBLE] >> Yep.
>> Look what you did Laura.
>> Why did she yell at me?
>> It’s okay little guy.
>> Never mind.
>> Why do you gotta be such a big bully all the time, huh?
>> Now I’m too aggressive.
>> I have an idea.
>> And I found out one out of four women remain silent during group
meetings because they’re afraid that their ideas won’t get heard.
>> What?
>> Wow.
>> That’s heartbreaking.
>> It’s a terrific presentation.
>> Thanks, dude.
>> We have to do something about this.
>> I’m glad you feel that way.
>> I agree.
>> Yes.
>> Who is this guy?
>> I don’t know, but I think I might give him a raise.
>> You should.

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